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Review: Too Many Bones Undertow

Undertow review

Too Many Bones has been on my wish list since I joined the 1 Player Guild on BGG a few years go. I can’t say that I’ve seen a negative review or mention of it anywhere. What constantly put me off was the price, including shipping to South Africa. Too Many Bones Undertow plus some extras went up on sale (2nd hand) and I thought why not, I’ll be saving a bit, the components are supposed to be strong and I’ll have a bunch of extra content for the KS that I’m expecting soon. It arrived last week.

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Painting DOOM: Catch-up

Painting DOOM: The Board Game

Hi folks, it has been a while since I’ve made a post. It’s part laziness and part exhaustion when I get home from work. I cannot remember when last I made a follow up on my DOOM posts and but let’s fix that. Here’s where I’m at and why.

I started painting the Revenants last year but I really did not like the way they turned out so I delayed in getting anything in writing. Then I was robbed. They took my phone and because I was bummed about the Revenants I had not downloaded the pics yet ☹ that’s where I left things.

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