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Collecting Board Games

Collecting Board Games

If you are reading this then you either already have a collection of board games or you have an interest in them which may or may not result in you purchasing your own. One of the biggest factors stopping people from buying games is the price. It’s a luxury item and as such it’s expensive. After the recent presidential stuff-up buying board games in South Africa just got even more expensive.

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Review: Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl Review

Blood Bowl is not a new game. It was first released back in 1986; that’s 30 years ago! It’s been through a few iterations with a new edition released late last year. There was even a period when the game was no longer officially supported. The fans stepped up and kept the torch burning. Leagues were held and rules were refined and for many years the game just kept going from strength to strength. Just what makes it so special?

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Speed Painting Runewars Miniatures Game

Speed Painting Runewars Miniatures Game

So I missed a pair of posts this month. The 1st I had actually prepped but I was busy painting up these models and I forgot to post it!. The 2nd I was going to miss anyway as it was on Holy Thursday. Happy Easter everyone! So anyway, a little over 2 weeks ago I received a box of Runewars the Miniatures Game to paint up for a store demo copy. I was supposed to have 3 weeks to do it but due to some shipping issues I ended up with just shy of 2 weeks. On top of that I already had plans that I could not break, and I fell ill, so essentially I had under 7 days…

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Zulus on the Ramparts Session Report 1

Zulus on the Ramparts! review

It was Sunday morning and I had the house to myself. I didn’t want to watch TV and I was not in the mood to paint some models so I thought I’d have a game and try my hand at another write up. Zulus on the Ramparts was getting a lot of attention on the Solo Wargames group recently and that made be keen to play it again.

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