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A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 1

A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 1

Last Saturday the girls were out of the house for the afternoon. This  meant Ronin and I had some time to kill. I had planned to put up some shelving in my study (I have games on my chair and floor!) but instead I decided to crack open the First Strike Warhammer 40K starter box and see if Ronin would like it.

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Review: Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl Review

Blood Bowl is not a new game. It was first released back in 1986; that’s 30 years ago! It’s been through a few iterations with a new edition released late last year. There was even a period when the game was no longer officially supported. The fans stepped up and kept the torch burning. Leagues were held and rules were refined and for many years the game just kept going from strength to strength. Just what makes it so special?

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