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Tap, tap, tap… is this thing on?

I'm back

*wipes away cobwebs, *clears throat. So I’m not dead; yet. Life just got a little upside down. Work got crazy, I almost quit without another job but I stuck it out and things seem to be getting better. My health went for a dive, I cannot remember using this much sick leave in a single winter season before. The cars needed new clutches among other work, stuff around the house needed attention so the wallet got hit too. My phone broke (2 of them) I lost all my photos and I stopped playing games…

… but I’m getting back on the wagon. I’ve been feeling so depressed of late it’s not even funny. I even resorted to playing video games but it was not the same. Get up go to work, get home sit on couch, eat a whole packet of chips every day. *sigh* I need something to get my mojo back.

The kids have asked that I not invite people over for games during the week. It interrupts their sleep which impacts them in school. I don’t blame them they are actually out of the house, on their way to school while I’m still in the shower. So their days are rather long.


I actually dusted off a few games that I bought (ages ago, yet never played) and gave a couple of them a whirl. It felt good. So very good to get my head wrapped into a puzzle smothered in a good story. The game that did it for me recently was This War of Mine. I still need to play it a few more times though, it’s tough! For the first time in a long time I felt like my head was clear and I was myself again.

Getting around a table with other people

This might be a bit tougher. I’m not a fan of late night driving so I’m going to have to start using Uber to get around at night for games. There is a new wargames club not too far from home so maybe I’ll join them on and off. I did get in some gaming recently at an old friends place. I do need to visit her more often, it was fun.


Winter is over too, this means that my study will be warming up! It’s freezing in there. So I can get back to painting.

So anyway, I’m back and I will start posting again even if it’s just my inane ramblings. Mind you the way the exchange rate it going I might need to find myself a cheaper hobby! You know what, just typing this has got me energised, I think I’m going to start exercising again too.