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I’m back!

So for almost a month I’ve been suffering from internetlessness. My ADSL was down then a thunderstorm blew my router and the insurance was being stupid… but I’m back now but I’ve decided to take a bit of a break until November. Life is always crazy this time of year and 1 less thing to worry about just eases the load. Catch you next week!

Promises almost broken…

Purchase fewer games

So this was my desk for most of the past week. It was worth it though;  I passed!! Take that scumbag exams! So that’s #1 on my to do list done. Although I still have another week to go, it’s nice to get it done early. Now on the #2 & #3… but instead of painting games I would much rather just play them. Truth be told I almost failed at the endeavour I undertook within 3 days of making the commitment.

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Collecting Board Games

Collecting Board Games

If you are reading this then you either already have a collection of board games or you have an interest in them which may or may not result in you purchasing your own. One of the biggest factors stopping people from buying games is the price. It’s a luxury item and as such it’s expensive. After the recent presidential stuff-up buying board games in South Africa just got even more expensive.

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