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Mage Knight Session Report 1

Mage Knight review

It was a Friday night, Pria was cramming for her Strategic Management exam on Saturday. The kids were also studying, their exams were starting the following Monday.  My study had flooded on Thursday night and everything was in a bit of a state so I could not finish the models I was working on. I did the next best thing, play some board games.

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My friends call me Lucky Luke…

Lucky Luke

…because I have some really bad luck. Take this past weekend for example. South Africa is having a drought and the province of Gauteng is in the middle of a heatwave so I’ve not been sleeping well. For some reason, last Saturday, I was up early. I don’t know why but I can get up early on a Saturday but never on a weekday. I head to the bathroom to wash up. There’s no water. Not just my place but the entire neighbourhood, during a heatwave! On top of that, everyone in the house has exams coming up except me so whatever I do to entertain myself but I must not make a racket.

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