Review: 5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule Review

5 second rule is a fast, funny, family board game based on a series of videos from Ellen Degeneres. It’s a party game very similar to 30 seconds. In 30 seconds you have to answer 5 questions in 30 seconds, in 5 second rule you have to give 3 answers to a single question in 5 seconds. Easy, right?

Specs on the box

3 – 6 players

8+ years

What’s in the box?

The box content is actually pretty sparse, and I think the box itself could have been a bit smaller which would have made it more portable. You get 2 packs of double sided questions cards, 6 player pawns, 2 sets of Pass & switch cards and a player board. Oh you also get a cool timer. It’s a 5 second hourglass but it’s more of a toy than an hourglass and it is a source of fascination for younger kids. This is both a blessing and a curse. It just depends on how seriously you take your games, and you should not take this on very seriously.

5 Second Rule Review
I cannot help but think that there is a huge waste of space here. Everything fits neatly in the insert.

How does it play?


Each player picks a pawn and places it on start. Then you give the player to the left of the first player the box of questions and the timer and you’re good to go.

Turn Sequence

With each round lasting a tad over 5 seconds… there really isn’t much to do. The player to your left draws a card and asks you question and then flips the timer. You have 5 seconds to answer or to play one of your Pass or Switch cards. The Pass card passes the question to the next player, if they answer it correctly then they get to advance their pawn, if not you can move yours. The Switch card allows for a change in question. You only get 2 of each of these cards so use them wisely.

The first player who’s pawn reaches the end space I the winner. Along the way you will cross 2 danger zones, these will simply make you miss a turn if you get your answers wrong. Nothing too serious.

5 Second Rule Review
Green is in the danger zone and will skip a turn if he does not answer his next question correctly.


Simple, fast and fun. What more do you really need to say about a game like this? I like it but I don’t think it’ll have the legs of something like 30 seconds. I guess it because the anticipation and excitement does not really build up as it does in 30 seconds. It’s just a little too quick. While I won’t break it out every weekend I will play it when the extended family gets together because it’s really easy to setup and to teach. Also those with shorter attention spans will find it more manageable. The kids like it too though and one time we added helium…

NB: Helium is dangerous. I’m not advocating its use, if you do use it please use with caution.

Can I play this at a braai?

The family braai is the perfect place for a game like this. As long as you’re excused from asking questions while you’re busy with the meat it’s all good.

5 Second Rule Review
Our first game of 5 Second Rule was rushed but we had fun and played again straight after.
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