Review: Dominion Prosperity

Dominion Prosperity review

Dominion is a great Deck Building Game from Rio Grande Games.  It’s got loads of replay value but after your 50th game you might want something new. To this end a series of expansions for Dominion has been released.  The first one that I got my hands on was Prosperity. It is an expansion for the base game Dominion which you will need have in order to use the cards in Prosperity.

Before rushing out to purchase an expansion I did some cursory research on Dominion Strategy and BGG. Additionally I went to a games day hosted by Timeless Board Games to give the expansions a test run. My heart was set on the Intrigue expansion but it was out of stock. Being the impulse shopper that I am; I walked away with Prosperity.

What’s in the box?

 I’m not disappointed with my purchase. It’s one of the big box expansions for Dominion and has almost 500 cards in the box. On top of that there are coins? These coins are all metal, not tokens. The 1 and 5 coins are actually used for an alternative way of getting Victory Points that don’t clutter up your deck. The gold coins are only used with 1 particular card, the Trade Route. As people purchase new Land,  the trade route increases in value which is represented by the coins.
Dominion Prosperity review
My insert was already damaged when I opened the box. Nothing a few heavy books won’t fix.

Prosperity brings a total of 25new kingdom cards to the game,  quite a few of which are treasure. As the name implies this expansion is all about the money and making it work for you. Almost all of the new treasure card have a built in ability which is almost as good as playing multiple free actions every turn.  The 1 exception to this is the platinum which is worth 5 treasure on its own, it does not need any abilities!

Card Sleeves

For Dominion I’ve used Mayday Games Euro sleeves. They do not fit 100%, there’s a few mm extra over the top of the card but not enough to be annoying.

Dominion Card Sleeves

Gameplay changes?

All of this extra treasure can’t just hang around, you need something to buy with it. Enter the Colony it’s a new piece of land/Victory Point card worth a whopping 10 points! Like the Provinces it also ends the game when the supply runs out.

Dominion Prosperity review
The Colony is worth a lot of points, but it is also very expensive.

The addition of the alternate VP’s is a nice touch, it forces you to be more vigilant if you’re a competitive player. The is a new mechanic that is added to the game. Cards have abilities that kick off when you play them, and those abilities remain active until you discard the cards that you have in play.

Dominion Prosperity review
An example of the new treasures that have abilities beyond giving you money.

Everything that Prosperity brings to the table adds to the game. It does not drastically modify the game, it enhances it.


Which expansion to get first depends on your personal preference. I think I would have enjoyed Intrigue, it is more my style, but Prosperity was well worth the money.

To test the expansion we first played a few games using only the kingdom cards from the expansion and then starting mixing up the cards with the base set. Every game since has been totally different i.e. the styles of decks and interactions that we had made for very different games.

Dominion Prosperity review
The Goons are one of the new attack cards. They have a lot of abilities, the 2nd of those gives you VP’s when you buy cards after having played them.

There are only 2 negatives that I can think of. The first is that I now have 2 boxes for Dominion on my shelf, I will try to make a custom insert or something to resolve that. The second is that I played so much of the base game that the cards were worn enough to tell them apart from the new cards. So I’ve had to sleeve the whole lot of them. It actually feels better to play with sleeved cards and I’m less anxious about taking the game to restaurants where I worry about things being dropped on them.

Dominion Prosperity review
One of the most epic games of Dominion I have every played. The points difference was 1 point!

Dominion is a great game, having at least 1 of the big expansions is something that I wholly recommend.

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