Review: Get Bit!

Get Bit! review

Everyone loves going to the beach for a holiday, even robots. It turns out that their favourite holiday activity is swimming! They must be waterproof. However, this waterproofing must have made them a rather tasty treat for, yip you guessed it, sharks!

Get Bit! is a simultaneous action selection game from 2007 by Mayday games. Each player controls 1 or more robots as they try to be the one that does not gets eaten.

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Opening the box

Specs on the box:

  • 2-6 players
  • 20 minutes
  • Ages 8+

The contents reads :

  • 43 playing cards
  • Rules
  • 6 Dismembermen figures (they look like robots to me)
  • And 1 hungry shark

It’s a nice little box with a window that shows you the shark trying to take a chunk out of 1 of the plastic robots. The rules are a very easy read; it’s just a double sided leaflet. It’s quick to learn, quick to play and it has some pretty cool components. I’ve got the original version; there is a deluxe version actually looks a bit better with stickers for the robots which make them look like pirates. It also has alternate rules for a Walk the Plank version of the game.

Get Bit! review
There’s no real insert to speak of, but then you don’t really need one.


Mayday games perfect fit “almost a penny” sleeves fit great.



So we have a bunch of robots all happily playing out in the ocean. Then suddenly one of them hears the theme song for Jaws. Up pops a shark fin and it makes a bee line towards them. The robots turn and swim for their lives! Only 1 will survive, will it be you?


Each player will grab one of the 6 different robots in the box along with all the matching cards for the robots. So each player will have a hand of 7 cards numbered 1 to 7. For a 2 player game each player will control 2 robots. The robots are placed in a line in a random order all swimming in the same direction. The hungry shark is placed at the end of the line.

Get Bit! review
You start with a full hand of cards.

Then each player will select a card from their hand to be their action for the turn and place the card face down in front of them. Now the cards are just numbered and all of the actions are really “SWIM FOR YOUR LIFE!” so the numbers on the cards represent the order in which the robots act. All the cards are revealed simultaneously.

The player that has the lowest untied number will move his robot to the front of the line. Then the next highest will go to the front pushing everyone else back and then the next and so on until everyone has had a turn to swim. This means that the higher numbers will end up being in front but anyone that has the same number as any other player will remain in place, gradually moving to the back of the line.

Get Bit! review
In this instance, yellow will move first, then green and finally white. So yellow will be last but while has used his strongest card.

At the end of any round, except the first, the shark will take a bite out of the last robot in the line. He will then get a sudden burst of vigour and swim to the front of the line. You will have to remove one of his limbs if he is yours and then you get to pick up all of your cards. So if your robot was not bitten you leave your cards that you have played on the table.

Then you repeat the rounds. Having a robot that’s not bitten means leaving cards in play which results in fewer and fewer options each turn. Clever players can use this to their advantage to get in front of you and then try to force you to the back of the line as they can deduce which cards you have remaining. If you ever lucky enough to only have 1 card remaining in hand you can then grab all of your cards and refill your hand.

Get Bit! review
Green is in trouble, he will lose his second limb but then move to the front and get a full hand of cards.

When a robot has lost all 4 limbs he sinks to the bottom and is eliminated. The game ends when there are only 2 robots left, at which point the shark eats the one in the back and the one in front wins!


I find simultaneous action games like Mission red Planet or Jamaica to be a lot of fun. Although this one feels a bit elementary for me. While I do like more depth to my games, Get Bit! has its place on my shelf. It’s not expensive. It’s got a small box and a small foot print. The components (when the cards are sleeved) are very durable so this makes it handy to take it with you and play on the go.

It’s great for kids, to help them to learn to anticipate future turns and learning to plan ahead. The fact that the shark will just eat the last robot when there’s only 2 left, regardless of his limb count, means that it’s possible to snatch a win, with careful planning, literally from the jaws of defeat. That’s a rewarding feeling, especially for the kids.

Get Bit! is also a nice gateway game as it’s very easy to learn and play. Being quick makes it a good filler game too. I know a lot of people who just love forcing their friends into misfortune so seeing them eaten is fun, sadistic but fun J

Get Bit! review

Can I play this at a braai?

It can be played almost anywhere. A braai is not a problem; small restaurant tables are good too. You don’t really have to worry about spills as most of the components are plastic and easy to wipe down, bar the cards, they will need to be sleeved. My daughter has actually taken the game to school to play after exams and everything came back 100% intact.

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