Review: Rory’s Story Cubes

Rory's Story Cubes review

I don’t know if I should call Rory’s Story Cubes a game or a creativity tool. Its good fun and anyone can do it. You can even use it solo. You can also use it when you’re stuck for ideas and need to get the creative juices flowing. It is a small package and it offers quite a bit of versatility.

As the name suggests, Rory’s Story Cubes is made by a guy named Rory. The basic premise of the game is simple. Roll 9 dice and then tell a story that uses all of the pictures that show up on the dice.

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Opening the box

Specs on the box:

There really are no specs. Anyone and everyone can use these and you can make up a story in a few seconds or run it for as long as you want.

I have to start by saying that I like the box. It’s sleeved and feels quite nice. It’s like a mini cigar box, which I rather like. Inside it is a totally unnecessary rules booklet. There are pictures of what to do on the inside cover of the box.

The heart of the game is the set 9 customs dice inside. They are 16mm, so nice and chunky. Each side has a unique image on them so there’s quite a lot of variation. They feel really solid and look like they will last for years.

It’s compact and will travel really well. In fact it’s so small that one of the ads for the game has people playing in the back seat of a moving car.


There isn’t any. You roll dice and make up a story. So you make up the theme as you play.

Rory's Story Cubes review
I really like the box. It just feels good.


There are loads of variations of game play. The most basic is to roll the dice and just tell a story that includes the images that you see. From there you can expand it in any way that you like. One option that we liked was to give each person 3 dice each and then start from one side and try telling one continuous story.

There is no win or lose condition. You either make up something or you don’t.

I mentioned earlier that I think it’s a tool for creativity, let me explain. Being creative means having an idea. There’s a saying that out of every 100 ideas only 1 is really good. The rest will vary from horrid to ok. The trouble is that you don’t know if idea 1 or idea 100 is going to be the good one, so you need to have lots of them.

Fluency, in terms of creativity, is the ability to have lots of different ideas quickly. It does not matter how good or bad they are. The Story Cubes can help to increase your fluency, on the spot thinking, to get ideas about a given topic very quickly.

You can make yourself say longer stories so you can elaborate more, this can help with school writing or having to make up on the spot plot changes if you’re a DM in an RPG campaign.

Rory's Story Cubes review
The dice are very good quality.


I like them. I’ve found my son playing with the cubes on his own making up stories for no one else to hear. My daughter walked past the table and the cubes were there, she gave them a roll made a story and continued on her way.

I like anything that gets the synapses firing and this does the job. It good in groups, we tried it at a games day at Battle Wizards. Everyone who played enjoyed it; at one point we were playing it while waiting for other players who were taking long during their tunrs in other games.

Even though there are thousands of combinations of images it can get a bit samey after a while but there are expansion sets and themed sets. I have all but promised to get the Batman set 😉

Can I play this at a braai?

You can play this almost anywhere! It fits in your pocket and does not require much space at all.

Rory's Story Cubes review
There are a few different expansions to add a theme to your stories.

Thanks to Battle Wizards for the review copy of Rory’s Story Cubes.

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