Gaming Aid: Twilight Imperium Guide

Twilight Imperium

Twilight Imperium is a HUGE game. It takes a while to setup, it can take a whole day to play and it takes a while to pack away too. However there is something about it that has allowed it to survive 3 iterations and a spin off. People just seem to keep coming back for more.

It does have it’s flaws though. The greatest of which is finding people willing to invest that amount of time into a game. I hope this can help…

Yes it’s a big game, yes it’s got a lot of rules. It’s however a lot of fun and you create an epic narrative across the entire game that you will remember for a long time. Chances are you will be looking for revenge in the next game too 😉

My usual gaming group tries to play Twilight Imperium every 3-4 months but the problem with long delays between plays is that you often need a refresher on the rules. So I created an e-mail that I’d send out in the week before we were to play to serve as a reminder. that reminder gave me this idea.

Twilight Imperium III Game Guide

This is a guide/over view of the game. Use it to teach new players, or if you think they are up to reading it themselves give it to them while you setup to save on teaching time. You can use it like I do to serve as a reminder to players who have played before. Either way it can help you to shave off some teaching time every time that you play.

I sourced the images for this guide from a 3 player Twilight Imperium Walk through by  Steve Wessels. They are all used with his permission.

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