Painting DOOM: The Board Game – Imps

Painting DOOM: The Board Game

I’m busy painting the models from DOOM the Board game and I thought “why not write up how I’m going through the process”. Now; I’ve already painted the Imps and I’ve started with the Marines so I don’t remember exactly which colours were used. I’ll do my best to describe the colours that I have used in these guides. For the future guides (the rest of the models) I’ll make notes so that you can have a better idea of what I’ve done.


First things first the models needed to be cleaned this meant washing them in warm soapy water. Washing removes any releasing agent that was used to remove the models from the moulds. This agent can prevent the paint from adhering to the models.

The next step is to remove mould lines and flashing from the models. I’ve got a set of files and a hobby knife that I use to scrape the lines off. This is one of the most tedious parts of painting and it does not even involve paint!

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Imps
I like to play with my toys… pew! pew!

To speed things up I just cleaned off the most prominent lines. That’s the one on the head and on the top, more exposed, parts of the models. If you look close you will see the ones that I miss and they are exacerbated when paint is applied but the models are good enough for painting.


I primed all of my models at once using spray primer. I did try my hand at a bastardized version zennithal priming. This involves priming with 3 different colours to simulate light falling on the models from directly above.

I say it’s a version because I did not have all of the colours that I needed. First I primed all the models black. Once they were dry I sprayed them from directly above with white primer.

I skipped a step of spraying them from a 45 degree angle with grey. This was because I did not have any and I was in a rush. So I did that step with white too and the models have too much white on them. On top of that I did it in the dark, outside, that’s just asking for trouble.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Imps
I don’t have a pic of the Imp with only the primer on it but this will give you an idea of how it turned out.

NB: always thin your paints. None of my paints are used straight from the bottle. I always put a little on to my palette and if it’s not a wash or shade paint (it says so on the bottle) I thin it down with a little water.

Step 1: Colour scheme

Before painting it’s best to decide on a colour scheme. To help with this I googled images of the monsters from the video game.

The Imps are a kind of tan/yellow colour with purple hands, feet and faces. I decided to stick with the purple but I wanted to make them look a bit more grim and dark. Instead of tan/yellow I with with brown and flesh tone.

It is advisable to paint up a test figure so you can see what the final models will look like that way if you change your mind you have not wasted as much time. I just got stuck in 😛

Step 2: Base coating

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Imps
I should have painted the faces already but I actually forgot and went back later.

First I started with the purple bits, the hands and the feet. With the bodies looking grey-ish it actually looked pretty cool. I was very tempted to just stick with these colours but I pushed though anyway.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Imps
All the base colours are done.

Next up dark brown on the body. Not too dark this was more of a mud colour.

Step 3: Highlights and shading

With the brown already quite dark I only shaded the purple with a wash. For the hands and feet I did a 2 step highlight. First I mixed in a little pink into the purple to make a bit brighter about 40/60 pink/purple. I painted this over the most raised arrears of the models.

I followed up with a lighter mix. 60/40 pink/purple this time. This I painted inside the already highlighted parts. So it stands out a bit more.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Imps
It looks ready to play already!

For the brown I used a flesh tone paint with just a hint of the original brown in it and then I painted all but the deepest recesses. I know I should have given it a wash to make it blend a bit more but I think it makes it look a little dirtier this way.

Step 4: Details

Luckily with these guys there is not a lot of details. It only the face really. You can paint the claws on the hands and feet but it’s not necessary. I also skipped the teeth. It’s not that I was lazy here but rather that I did not trust myself not to mess up the rest of the face.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Imps
I managed to paint the eyes without messing the face!

So I gave the edges of the face another fine highlight of just pure flesh and then painted the eyes. I initially just painted the eyes yellow but it felt a bit flat. I wanted them to glow so I did my first attempt of OSL. That’s Object Source Lighting. So I painted the surrounding with a little yellow to make it seem like there was a reflection.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Imps
I added a bit more colour to the eyes and around them.

These guys were finished off by painting the bases black. Then a varnish to protect the models and I called them done. Yes I could have taken the highlights and shadows a bit further and painted the teeth but I kind of like them the way they are.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Imps
Bar the base, it’s finished.
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