Painting DOOM: The Board game – Pinky

Painting DOOM: The Board Game

Here’s the next episode in my saga of Painting DOOM, Pinky! Pinky is a nickname given to demonic animals that have emerged from the depths of hell. It sounds cute but they are far from it.

As I mentioned in part 1, I have already primed all of the models for DOOM so I’m going to skip that bit and jump straight into painting. I’ve used 3 brands of paints on these models Vallejo Game colour (VGC), Citadel (it’s from Games Workshop so I’ll call it GW) and Army Painter (AP). Feel free to use any brand of paints that you like I just went with what I happened to have on hand.

NB: always thin your paints. None of my paints are used straight from the bottle. I always put a little on to my palette and if it’s not a wash or shade paint (it says so on the bottle) I thin it down with a little water.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Pinky
That line across the forehead is annoying!

Before I got around to base coating the models I noticed a raster nasty mould line that I had missed. It runs right across the face L so I cleaned it up and just touched it up with some black paint. While painting I noticed a few more but they would not be as obvious when playing so I largely ignored those.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Pinky
you can see were I scraped the paint off, on the head, while cleaning the mould line. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, you can fix them!

Step 1: base coating

The first step with any paint job (after cleaning, assembly and priming) is base coating. Sometimes it’s referred to as block painting. It just means painting in blocks of colour, no details. This would be the normal colours that you expect the parts of the models to be. In this case there are only 3 colours.

First the skin was painted with GW Screamer Pink. The armour plates were painted with GW Khorne Red as was the inside of the mouth. Lastly all of the horns, teeth and claws were given a coat of GW Mournfang Brown.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Pinky
There really is no reason not to call it done here. It will actually look a lot better on the table than unpainted.

Step 2 Wash

Next the entire model was given a wash of GW Agarax Earthshade. This mutes the colours a little but it sinks into all of the recesses and darkens them up to look like shadows. It also gives the model a kind of dirty, used, look which I think a dog like creature left to roam free would end up with.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Pinky
Pinky on the left has had the wash applied. You can see there is more depth to the details and they stand out better.

Step 3 Bringing up the flesh

In keeping with the inside out method of painting; i.e. painting from the lowest levels of the model to the highest. I first painted the inside of the jaw with a hint of GW Emperor’s Children. Next I started bringing back colour to the skin.

I used the same GW Screamer pink which I thinned with extra water and then I re-painted the skin. This time around I applied it as a highlight. This means that I left the dark recesses dark and only painted the raised arrears of the skin.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Pinky
Here you can see the pink on the face is brighter than the rest of the model. It is meant to draw attention.

Pinky has a lot of hard to reach crevasses, getting a brush in there is very tricky. I just left them dark. Less work for me and it made the model look darker. Don’t stress if you can’t reach those.

The face is the focal point of the model so it received a 2nd coat of paint to make it a tad brighter than the rest of the model.

Step 4 Armour plates

The armour plates are the most visible parts of the model and so needed a little more attention than the rest of it. First I highlighted the plates with the same GW Khorne Red. This made them look more red than dirty brown.

Next I mixed a little bit of AP Dragon Red with the GW Khorne Red (about a 50/50 mix). I used this to highlight the armour even more. This time I painted an even smaller area than the last highlight. Mixing the colours helps to blend them in and you don’t see the start contrast in colour.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Pinky
The highlights are painted where light would fall, on the higher areas of the model. It makes the details pop out.

Step 5 Horns and Teeth

The first thing I did was use some GW Zandri Dust to give them a highlight. I did not just paint the entire area; instead I painted small lines from about half way up the horns all the way to the tip. I wanted some of the brown showing through and I like the effect that it produced.

Next I mixed a little GW Zandri Dust with GW Ushabti Bone (30/70). Using this mix I repeated the same crossing lines but I started about ¾ of the way up the horns and continued to the very tip.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Pinky
Here you can see the lines I painted on the horns. They still needed their final highlight. Don’t worry I painted the bone piece on the tail too.

The teeth were actually too small for my limited skills to do this so I painted them like normal highlights. I then gave the teeth a coat of GW Casandora Yellow. It’s a shade that I painted over the top half of the teeth to give them a yellow tint.

Step 6 Finishing touches

The last things to do on these models were the eyes. Some VGC Foul Green was painted into each eye and then around the eye socket to make it look like it is glowing.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Pinky
It’s done! I’m not happy with the eyes but I know another coat of paint will fix it. I’m just going to leave it and move on to the next one.

The bases were given 2 coats of GW Abaddon Black. Once everything was dry I gave the whole model a coat of AP Anti Shine as a varnish to protect the paint.

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