Painting DOOM: The Board Game – Possessed Marines

Painting DOOM: The Board Game

Here’s the next episode in my saga of Painting DOOM, the Possessed Marines. These were humans that were changed by the powers they let loose while mining on Mars. They are nasty little buggers who were fused with their armour and weapons. Kind of melting into a single unit.

As I mentioned in part 1, I have already primed all of the models for DOOM so I’m going to skip that bit and jump straight into painting, if you need a refresher you can catch up in part 1. I’ve used 3 brands of paints on these models:

  • Vallejo Game colour (VGC)
  • Citadel (it’s from Games Workshop so I’ll call it GW)
  • Army Painter (AP).

Feel free to use any brand of paints that you like I just went with what I happened to have on hand.

NB: always thin your paints. None of my paints are used straight from the bottle. I always put a little on to my palette and if it’s not a wash or shade paint (it says so on the bottle) I thin it down with a little water.

Step 1: base coating

For the armour bits I went with VGC Cold Grey. I took care, where I could, not to get paint into the dark grooves between the armour plates. The skin was painted with GW Bugman’s Glow and the other bits of what I can only describe as clothing I just went with GW Abaddon Black. I did not base coat the gun as I was going to use metallic paints for that and it’s a good habit to change your water when working with metallic paints. So I got to that part later.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Possessed Marines
All based up, just the gun to go.

Step 2 the human bits

While deciding what to paint next I remembered some advice that I received from Amy Brehm “Try to paint from the inside out.” This means paint from the lowest level to the highest level, if you go the other way then it is easier to make mistakes.

I started with the Teeth. GW Mournfang Brown was painted all over the teeth with a small highlight (that means I left some of the dark brown showing) of GW Ushabti Bone.

The skin was given a wash (painted all over) with GW Reikland Fleshshade. Once that was dry I highlighted all of the raised areas (again leaving the deep recesses dark) with GW Cadian Fleshtone. This was followed up with another highlight of GW Kislev Flesh. This time I left some of the Cadian Fleshtone showing through and only highlighted the very highest edges of the muscles and the face.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Possessed Marines
The teeth were a bit nerve wracking to paint but I have a very small paint brush.

Step 3 Guns!

The next lowest thing to paint is the gun. To start, I painted the gun with GW Leadbelcher. There is also a tiny little bit of metal sticking out of the elbow, don’t forget that part!

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Possessed Marines
The gun has had it’s first coat of paint applied.

Then I gave the metal bits a wash of GW Nuln Oil. This darkened it up nicely.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Possessed Marines
Shading the gun and a few highlights really brings out the details.

After the wash was dry I highlighted the gun with more Leadbelcher (again leaving the oil in the recesses). The arrears on the top of the gun I added a 2nd highlight of GW Ironbreaker. It’s a lighter metal colour and will help to give the illusion of light shining on the top of the gun.

Next I wanted to make the barrels glow like the gun was about to fire. The inside of the barrels were painted with AP Lava Orange. Some of the area around the barrels were painted with the same colour but thinned down even more so to give the idea of reflection of the heat. Then the centre of the barrels were given a dot of GW Flash Gitz Yellow with another reflection painted under the top barrel.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Possessed Marines
I’m still learning OSL but I love the look it has and the way it draws the eye.

Step 3 touch ups

Next I cleaned up the black clothing and painted all of the pipes that I accidentally hit with the metal/flesh paints. I had to concentrate to not mess up what I had already painted but I have to say, it looked cool.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Possessed Marines
Picking out the piping was not easy but my brush control is getting better.

Step 4 the black bits

Keeping with the inside out method. I started highlighting the black clothing, straps and pipes. For this I used a mix of 2 paints GW Abaddon Black and VGC Cold Grey. I did not highlight as much as I did on the flesh. Too much and those parts will end up looking grey and get “lost” in the armour. While I had some black paint on my palette I painted the bases of the models too.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Possessed Marines
The highlights on the black are very slight but it adds a certain depth to those parts of the model.

Step 5 Details

Now comes the big one, the armour… I gave the armour a wash of GW Nuln Oil. This ran all over the grey and darkened it up and made the grooves between the plates really stand out. I was going to highlight the armour with a lighter grey but I wanted to keep the model, as a whole, dark.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Possessed Marines
With the armour shaded I can almost call it a day.

I painted the eyes with a dot of VGC Foul Green. To make the glowing effect I lightly painted the area around the eye and on the side of the nose with more thinned down Foul Green.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Possessed Marines
The eyes look nice and spooky!

Finally I wanted the flesh to look like it was sore and bruised where it was melding into the armour or where the pipes were coming out of it. So I gave those areas a wash of GW Druchii Violet. Once that dried I then added another wash deeper inside the Violet, GW Carroburg Crimson.

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Possessed Marines

Painting DOOM: The Board Game - Possessed Marines
I love the way the flesh turned out.
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