And I’m back, from outer space….

Hello from New Zealand Cover

… well, more like the Shire. I’ve moved to New Zealand! It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything but here is an update date about where I am right now, in all senses of the word.

Hello from New Zealand!

So, New Zealand, that kind of came out of nowhere. Pria and I had spoken on and off about leaving SA for a while but we loved it in SA so never really took it very far. Late last year Pria found a job popping up on her Linkedin feed and we thought that it would not hurt to apply. 3 weeks later (end of November 2020) they asked her if she could be in the country by January!

It just kind of happened and everything fell into place rather perfectly. She was gone in a month, the kids a month later and I stayed behind to tie up all the loose ends before following.

Hello from New Zealand Kids
First time the kids flew on their own. It felt really lonely after they left.

Then COVID-19 happened

I was about halfway through packing up the house and getting things sold when the world started going pear-shaped. When the cases in South Africa started to spike we decided that I should leave before borders closed. That was Thursday night.

I had the best boss in SA and she made things happen at work. My parents surprised me at home the next day. I was planning not to sleep because I managed to get the last seat on the last plane to NZ that weekend and still needed to pack. Thinking back, I’d not have managed without them or my youngest brother who took over arrangements after I left.

Anyway, I landed in Auckland on Monday evening, hours before the borders closed. Lockdown was instated while I was still in quarantine and I’m still looking for a job.

What about the games?

There’s quite a big gaming culture here in NZ, I’ve joined a couple of groups on FB.

Hello from New Zealand Shelfie
Not quite the room full of games I’m used to but hey look, Gloomhaven!

The Auckland North Shore Board Games Group meets once a week 2 suburbs over! I had to stop hosting weekly game nights at home as it was impacting the kids sleeping, that had me down but now I can go out!

Auckland City Guard Club Central meets twice a week. They mostly play wargames and are a bit further out but they are still closer than the wargame clubs back in SA were.

There are loads of stores here, currently I can only shop online. I do find their stock not as plentiful as say Timeless Boardgames but prices are a tad lower than in SA. They also appear to receive new titles after South Africa.

What about Gameruman?

Life here is supposed to be a bit more chilled than SA. It certainly feels like I’ve stepped through a time warp and landed in the early 90’s/late 80’s. However Pria works late daily and often skips lunch because she is so busy. I really hope that I’m not as busy as I was back ‘home’, because I do want to get this blog going again. I’m just not sure if I’ll move my domain to a .nz one just yet. I’ll have to compare prices and see what hosting options I have here first.

Hello from New Zealand Painting
I painted up a few models from Shadespire Nightvault, expect a review, at some point…

I’m painting again too which is great! I brought the wrong paints with me so I had to buy new ones *facepalm. All of my stuff is still back in SA and will only ship after borders open up nobody knows when that might happen.

Anyway that’s it for the update, I need to go wash dishes. Cheers.

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