Beer, Braai & Board games AKA Mother’s Day

Mother's Day 2016

So Mother’s day has come and gone. Happy belated Mother’s Day to any mummies reading this 😉 It was a day well spent in my home; full of family, food and of course, board games.

It seems winter has come early to Johannesburg this year. While not frigid, it’s a bit nippy and it was a bit on the blustery side on Sunday. Not the best weather for a braai but I’ve never let that stop me before. It did mean that most people would rather have stayed indoors. No the kids though, they were keen to play and how could I say no?

So I started after church getting the fires going. Yes fires, we had 2. We decided to do a rotisserie Leg of lamb stuffed with garlic and herbs and a mutton curry on the Potjie. Both of these would require hours of cooking time so it was best to get going ASAP.

Right so things were roasting and simmering it was time for some gaming. First round I brought out something new. The Resistance. It’s not a new game; it’s just new in my home.

Mother's Day 2016
Ronin was trying to deflect suspicion. He was not good at it.

It’s set in a dystopian future where the players are a group of resistance fighters trying to overthrow the government. In order to do this they have to send members of their group on missions. Now the government knows about these cells of resistance fighters and have sent their own operatives to infiltrates these groups.

These operatives, or spies, know each other’s identity. Their task is to try to get either or 1 of them onto the missions in order to sabotage them. The rest of the players have to try to figure out who these spies are and to NOT send them on missions.

The first team to 3 victories wins.

It’s a fun little game, but the youngest was not very good at lying and we could easily spot when her sister was trying to influence her votes 😉 so the spies never won.

Next up was an old favourite Sherriff of Nottingham. This is a bluffing game set in the time of Robin Hood. The players are merchants who are trying to sell their wares in the town of Nottingham. The thing is that the majority of goods available are actually contraband.

Mother's Day 2016
The infamous Sherriff was doing the rounds.

Each turn 1 of the players gets to act as the Sheriff. He has the power to either let players pass the gates of the city or to stop them and search their bags. The players are not without options they can bluff and bribe or use whatever means they can to get themselves into the city with their bags intact.

If they are caught with contraband then it is confiscated and they have to pay a fine. However if they have no contraband then the Sherriff has to pay them because he went through their bags unnecessarily. This brings out another avenue of play, trying to look guilty to make the Sheriff stop you. I’m sure you can see why the kids really enjoy that one.

Mother's Day 2016
Nom nom nom nom

It wasn’t long before the food was ready and it was time to tuck in. The chow was excellent, if I do say so myself. I popped by a local bakery and grabbed some fresh Vetkoek to soak up the gravy in the potjie, hmm.

Mother's Day 2016
Yes, I forgot to add potato to the curry. It was still yummy.

Now I’m wishing for leftovers.

If you’re wondering about the mummies, well they got to relax indoors while lunch and the kids were taken care of.

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