Blood Bowl Casual Play Day

Blood Bowl Casual play day 2016

As you may already know Games Workshop has recently re-released a very popular game of theirs, Blood Bowl. This weekend saw Battle Wizards host a casual play event to get people gaming and learning the rules.

I drove through with my son to go and play a few games. With only a week’s prior notice and I have to say that I was a bit worried over what the turnout would be like. However, there were 7 players there on the day so turnout was actually pretty good!

First off I want to tip my hat to GW. That store kit that they sent through is pretty cool. There was bunting and a poster outside of the shop. Inside there were team flags along the walls, and there were even a pair of foam fingers for fans to cheer with! Incidentally the Orc foam fingers are bigger than the humans 😉

There was also a referee’s kit. A cap, whistle and red card! No one got sent off despite many fouls through out the day… Each player also received a little good bag with Art work from the game, stickers and some badges.

Ronin and I got there early and he was ready to go as soon as we arrived. He really enjoys the game and had the board setup and ready to play in no time. Not that we just started playing though. We left everything setup and taught the game to a few people that were interested first.

Watching them play was something. It’s like the Orcs stole all of the luck. The humans kept tripping over their laces and then got pummeled by the Orcs. Before the first half was up, 3 of the humans were K.O! That was a trend that last through the entire game. They were just falling like files.

Blood Bowl Casual play day 2016
Not many humans left are there?

Before they finished, I found another player to have a game with. He chose the Orcs and I had the humans. Winning the toss I elected to catch. With his team blocking most of the center I had a fairly easy time running up the side lines with a catcher and scoring the first touchdown of the game.

Then it was my turn to kick. The orcs grabbed the ball and formed a solid wall of muscle around their star thrower. It was like watching a steam roller slowing grinding down the field. It was beautiful. I was lucky and my players managed to dodge away from the center scrimmage and bring them around to block “The Wall” with just enough time to stall the orcs from scoring.

Blood Bowl Casual play day 2016
The Cage had a few holes in it because an Orc failed a block causing their turn to end…it was still pretty tight.

The 2nd half started with me kicking off and the orcs catching the ball in their end zone and forming another cage around their thrower. This time the cage was headed up by a fearsome Black orc! I was a player down due to injuries in the first have and that number increased at play wore on. Steadily they kept moving forward uintil most of the humans were tied down and the thrower could make a break for it.

It was a really good play in a tight, tactical game and it was fitting that the game ended in a draw 😉 Ronin also managed to get a game in. He has apparently learnt a trick that he needs to play against me. I cannot wait!

There seems to be enough support to get a league running at BW. Hopefully it’ll be in full swing in Jan and I can go about getting my revenge on those pesky Orcs!

Blood Bowl Casual play day 2016
I don’t know how I did but I broke the cage. Pity I could not repeat it in the 2nd half.
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