Blood Bowl Tournament!

Blood Bowl Tournament Jan 2017

This weekend saw the 2017 Blood Bowl kick off for the Warbanner gaming club. With a total of 9 players, every one still green to the game, we had a fun Sunday of football mayhem!

9:00 registration was a bit early for a Sunday but it does lend itself to a nice, casual atmosphere. For learning games, that’s great. Not to say that we were not playing for prizes. The Winter Bowl kit provided participation gifts for all the players as well as 4 trophies and a random spot prize of the winter pitch. In addition a store voucher was added as another spot prize from the hosts Battle Wizards. So while everyone got something, more than half of the players got a little something extra.

Blood Bowl Tournament Jan 2017
When you setup for a game of Blood Bowl you NEVER know what is going to happen.

Round 1

I had a cracker of a match against Stiaan Nieuwoudt’s sneaky Skaven team. Man those gutter runners are fast! Although I was not without a few tricks of my own. Things were pretty tight for the most part as we fought to a 2-2 draw.

Glauco (Orks), Helgard (Humans) and Dirk (Skaven) pushed their way to the top of the log with 1-0, 1-0 & 2-0 wins respectively. I think all the players were still waking up as the casualty count was a measly 5.

Round 2

The next match up saw a rather viscous matchup. Glauco with his 4 Black Orks went toe to toe against Helgard. Luckily for Helgard one of the fans in the crowd decided to even the odds and threw a bloodwiser onto the pitch. Normally a beer is something that the players will want. That’s only if it’s not in a metal flagon and if it does not crack your skull open…

Blood Bowl Tournament Jan 2017
Must have been a head shot…

That was the only chink in the Ork armour, it was just enough to squeeze a 0-1 victory for the Humans!

Across the way Dirk and Stiaan faced off with their Skaven lineups. I would say that it was a rat fight but it was more like a cat fight. Fur was flying everywhere. Very early in the first half Stiaan killed 4 of  Dirks players! That’s right 4 in the first half!

It looked like Stiaan had this one in the bag but Dirk is a sneaky rat. With the blessing of Nuffle he pulled a 2-1 victory from the jaws of defeat!

Blood Bowl Tournament Jan 2017
Genocide in the making.

With Nuffle showering his blessing over Dirk’s Skaven it meant that there was a drought someplace else. That happens to be poor Gramme and his Skaven. 3 of his rats were crushed under the boots of Ernst’s Humans and then to add insult to injury he was hammered 2-0.

The last match up for the round was Jaap (Orks) vs Darius (Humans).

Blood Bowl Tournament Jan 2017
If the Orks find out that I showed you this, they will kill me.

As you can see this match is a bit of a sore point for Orks everywhere, they are quite embarrassed actually. So in the interest of my health I’ll say no more about it.

Round 2 saw more than double the casualties of round 1, bringing the total to 16!

Round 3

Having sat out round 2, I was back in action! Darius and I went head to head in the pouring rain. Neither of us were about to let some mud deter us from earning glory (and a pay cheque) we got down and dirty.

Really dirty.

Blood Bowl Tournament Jan 2017
See those 3 in the huddle? They were sent off for fouls… not before killing a few of their opponents!

The fouls were flying as thick and fast as the rain was! It was insane, and ludicrously funny! with the rain, the ball was slick, that meant penalties on throwing, pick ups and catching. Once the ball was dropped it was only picked up on a 6+ because everyone was in a viscous fight all around it.

I’m sure there was a time when we were both too afraid to get the ball and just kept pummeling each other into the ground. 1 of my Blitzers blocked a Catcher 6 times in the first half. Then a lineman joined the fight to foul him twice in the same half but he was tough as nails and just kept going! I think I only took him out towards the end of the match.

I don’t know how, but I’m willing to bet that the ball slid into the end zone and one of my players happen to fall on it; twice. It was the most insane match I had ever seen and I hope it happens again soon, I can’t remember laughing that much in a tournament, ever.

Blood Bowl Tournament Jan 2017
So close, but the rain made the ball too slippery and the match ended.

Dirk and Helgard were fighting for the top places and I think their players took it too seriously. Dirk killed 4 of Helgard’s players in a nasty 2-2 draw. He did suffer 2 casualties in return though.

Galauco’s Orks held Ernst’s Humans to a 0-0 draw. On the pitch across from them Jaap got his first win of the day against Stiaan 1-0. At this point the casualty count had sky rocketed. 32 players had been carried off of the field, permanently, during the course of the day.


The final results were actually very close.

1st with 16 points Dirk van Burick (Skaven)

2nd with 14 points Helgard Muller (Humans)

3rd with 11 points Luke Paruman (Humans)

Best painted Glauco Goueva (Orks)

Blood Bowl Tournament Jan 2017
Yes that’s 4 Black Orks. It’s like trying to push a wall.

A huge thanks to everyone that came though. It was a blast and we have to do that again sometime. I’ll try to get more pics next time.

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