Braai Day!

National Braai day 2015

24 September is Heritage Day in South Africa; it’s also Nation Braai Day. A braai is the South African term from a BBQ. It really is something of a tradition and is done across all of our diverse cultures. Being a public holiday it’s also a nice time to play some board games. Some stores even host games days on the public holiday, I decided to stay home and play some games with the family.

We started the day tending the garden. The recent rain meant that it needed some attention. Then Pria, my wife, went out to get some chops so the kids and I got the fire going and started setting up our first game.

First game for the day was Pirates Cove, which we got the night before but had not had a chance to play yet. My plan for us to finally play Mice and Mystics fell through but as long as we were having fun.

National Braai day 2015
I asked Ronin to get me a beer. He came back with Skeleton Coast IPA, how apt.

The fire reached temperature before we got down to the game so I took a few minutes to get the chops spiced while Pria marinated the chicken wings. Explaining the rules for Pirates Cove was relatively simple affair and we got stuck in. Between turns I went to turn the chops. When they were ready, I placed them over the direct heat to render the fat, I like the fat crispy. Then I forgot about them oops….

National Braai day 2015
Oops, looks like I can’t braai with this…

Luckily they were not burned, but the fat was too crispy.

Later on we got a surprise visit from my in-laws. That’s not a bad thing, as there’s always room for family and we had more than enough food. It was good to have a kuier with them for a bit. We did pack up the Pirates Cove though.

National Braai day 2015
The kids got their grand parents to play a few rounds Rory’s Story Cubes

After they left the kids ran inside for a bit and Pria challenged me to a game of Dominion. Her win loss ratio vs me is something along the lines of 12-1! It’s challenging though and I almost never say no to a board game unless it Snakes and Ladders or something like that. For the first time ever the Money Lender actually worked for me and I managed to pull off a 20 point win!

National Braai day 2015
Much concentration.

When we were done it started getting a bit dark so we moved everything indoors where we had another round of Pirates Cove. I’m really enjoying the game; I’ve always liked pirates (and ninjas). I think it’s going to be a hit with the family. The list of games that they want to buy just keep growing I don’t mind but my wallet is trying to go into hiding.

National Braai day 2015
Bacon and creamy blue cheese on the mushrooms were awesome.

All in all it was a good day. I may have had a few too many beers though 😉 Today I’m on leave ‘cos I have to take care of the kids, school holiday. I wonder if I should start up the fire again…

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