Getting back in the Game.

Getting back in the Game

I’m getting back into the game and it feels good! Not that I’ve not been playing games, but I’ve not been playing as much or as often as I usually do. I did not realise that I was “missing” a part of my hobby until this weekend. Studies for the first 6 months of the year then being extremely ill has had me out of sorts but this weekend I started getting out again. I took Ronin along to a Blood bowl tournament that I managed to organise at Battle Wizards.

It was an early start for us and we got to the store as it opened. I had not been there in 6 months. It does not sound that bad but I used to be there at least once a week! It turns out there were 3 events running for the day. First the BB tournament, a Magic the Gathering Draft and Star Wars Destiny Store Championship.

As the Tournament Organiser (TO) for BB I was not actually going to play, unless we had an uneven number then I’d play against whomever had the Bye game. With this in mind Ronin brought through our Star Wars Destiny decks so that we could play while the BB game were in progress. Needless to say he REALLY wanted to play in the Destiny Event.

Getting back in the Game
We went to the regular Wednesday Games night this week too. It was packed.

His first game tournament

So he signed up and was immediately given a free booster pack. He was delighted. When he saw the prizes available he was over the moon. I was wary though. We only play at home, casually, and being a CCG I’m trying on only buy us each a booster a month. CCG’s can get very very expensive, very very quickly.

I knew he had a deck that was not competitive. He was excited because he routinely beats me with his deck. I’m talking 10 out of our last 10 games. I just could not bring myself to tell him that he had a very slim chance of winning.

He was crushed.

Playing against players who have full playsets of cards, he lost all of his games.  It was rough but he actually managed to keep a stiff upper lip. He normally gets really down and, at time, sulky when he knows he is going to lose, but I see now that’s because I pander to him a bit. Out there with strangers he held up really well.

Getting back in the Game
Memoir ’44. Great little wargame.

The other players were good sports too. 4 of them gave him their complementary boosters! He gave me one of them, so sweet of him. His eagerness to play has not been diminished, but I’m not going to start buying singles any time soon. We will however be going to more Destiny events in and around Gauteng. (I think it’s time I wrote my review of the game too!)

What about the Blood bowl?

Yes there was Blood Bowl and that was my main reason for being there. It was good fun. 10 players playing 3 games each with a nice break between games meant everyone was in good spirits the whole day. There were a lot of laughs and as usual some AMAZING narratives developed, as they are wont to do, during BB. If anyone is interested in playing in a league in Gauteng we are kicking off early in August!

Getting back in the Game
The Mighty Zug. awesome model. I need one of these but it’s so expensive…

The highlight of the day, for me was watching my son play games and want to play more games, competitively too. I know now that I can take him to these events and let him get to know people and have people get to know him. Eventually I can let him lose at ICON. Maybe we can go as a father – son team for some of the events, who knows, the possibilities are seriously geeking me out.

Where to from here?

I think for now I might get him into Wargames. He has always expressed interest in 40K. I’ve seen him and Sam using my old models and making up their own rules to play. Since there was a new version of 40K released last month this might be as good time as any to get back in the game.

This time I can bring a sidekick.

Getting back in the Game
Of course I picked up some loot… I bought my airbrush almost 2 months ago but I’ve not used it yet 🙁
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