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December 2015 holiday

It’s been crazy hot in Durban this past week. Today is the first overcast day and at 6:00am it was already 23 degrees C. It did make going to the beach a bit more bearable 😉

You know my I love my games so I’ve brought a few on holiday with me. I usually spend a fair amount of time reading on holiday. This time, in addition to a book I brought a game that was only played twice in the last 8 months. The rules had a few inconsistencies and I wanted to give this one a thorough going over.

So, I had this cup of tea and there was not much table space so I kept my cup of tea on the floor, away from the game components. Guess what? while I was packing everything away I knocked over a deck of cards into the cup of tea! *sigh* Luckily as I mentioned it’s stupidly hot here and the cards dried super quickly so there’s very little damage. Even better, they are reference cards.

But I’m slightly OCD about this and it’s bugging the hell out of me.

Sleeve your cards people. Games are expensive and the way the South African Economy is going it’s just going to get worse.

I am going to try to update all of my reviews with the sizes of the cards sleeves that will fit the cards, if I can figure that out. I’m also going to try, going forward, to recommend sleeve sizes for the games that I review. Hopefully it’ll save someone from what I’m feeling at the moment.

Sleeves can be expensive,  I’ve seen some for over R1 each. I would rather buy 100 for under 40c each and replace them than pay more for sleeves than the game originally cost. So I buy Mayday sleeves from Battle Wizards.  They are the first store I know that carries Mayday sleeves in South Africa. They carry a large variety of sizes and are always willing to order the unusual sizes that they don’t carry. For those who prefer the thicker sleeves, the premium versions are available too. Fantasy Flight sleeves are great and I would recommend them but these are way cheaper, so it’s what I would use.

On to more positive things. This Wednesday, December 16, is a public holiday; the Day of Reconciliation. Unplugyourself is running a nationwide games day with the theme of learning new games. Hit this link to find an event near you and learn to play something that you have never tried before!

December 2015 holiday

December also means that the year is coming to an end, time to relax and unwind and be with family & friends. So that’s a great reason to break out some games. We’ve got a holiday planned over Christmas and New Years with the extended family I’ve got to decide what games to take with, most of the people that will be around are non gamers; so it’s a tough one.

I really wanted to get 1 last heavy game in before the year end, something that would leave me a bit brain dead but that’s not going to happen. As long as everyone enjoys themselves and we get a few good laughs then it’s a win.

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