ICON 2017

ICON 2017

ICON 2017 has come and gone. For some it was lackluster, for others it was an absolute blast. I thoroughly enjoyed it, I would call it a blast but I had someone coughing on me for over an hour and I pick up a bug which I’m still trying to get over… It’s also the reason for no post last week (I’m sorry)

So you must already know what ICON, is if not, then you’re not likely a gamer in South Africa 😉 This year ICON was bigger, and I think better than before. There was more of almost everything. Almost because it seemed like there were fewer shops.

ICON was never really about the shopping. Yes I did go there to shop, mostly because it was a place to get things that you could not readily find anywhere else. The advent of the internet meant that you could not only find these things easily but also find them cheaper.

ICON 2017
ATTACK was a board game event that had R10,000 in prizes!

So why go?

The main reason to go to ICON, IMO, is for the plethora of events. Gaming of all kinds, tabletop, digital and even physical are yours to enjoy. If you fancy having a sword fight with a Knight or playing on a PS4, or more traditionally battling it out on a board with meeples or miniatures then there was plenty to do.

A friend of mine organised, on FB, a game of Commander for the Friday. It was picked up by the organisers and officially sanctioned! It proved to be so popular that they held more games on the Saturday too.

ICON 2017
Even during a break between events people were still playing MTG.

If that’s not an easy way to meet people and have fun then I don’t know what is.

Family friendly

This year had a huge number of strollers all over the place. Lots of families were in attendance (although Sunday was rather quiet but I think that was because it was Father’s Day) and kids were actually catered to more this year than before. The board game demo guys really went out of their way to include everyone and I overheard lots of parents telling their kids “No, you can’t go back to watch Paw Patrol” 🙂

ICON 2017
PS4 and PC gaming both were in force this year.

I think if there were child minders at the Nickelodeon Theatres and maybe an area with dedicated Kid friendly games close by; it would have freed up the parents to enjoy themselves a bit more.

What did I get up too?

This year I was running demo games, specifically Star Wars: Armada, although I did run a couple of Destiny games too. This kept me busy for the whole weekend. So I did not get to explore every last nook and cranny like I usually do.

ICON 2017
Such a cool game, but it is heavy so I don’t need to play often to get my fix.

It also meant far less pics L. The cosplay with year was AMAZING but I felt like a bit of a perv when I pulled out my phone to take picks of people, so I held off. Maybe next year I’ll just go to play games then I won’t be tethered to a table so I can ask people to pose for pics.

You can find some of the awesome cosplay here.


Alas no L this is the first year that I did not get any ICON loot. I was tempted but there was only a single stall that had 10% off. So not much in the way of discounts. I had to resist though. One of my puppies (by that I mean +40kg of Amstaff) got sick and had to spend a night at the Vet. With a R2000 vet bill….. I needed to be wise. Also I’ve not finished painting DOOM yet!

Although I did get a tap on the shoulder during the weekend. Someone I had met at a Timeless Boardgames Day had brought me a present. He gave me a Blood bowl team that he no longer wanted! He was not even sure that he would see me, he brought it along just in case!

ICON 2017
ICON 2017
Runewars is a new wargame that I’ve just started playing it got lots of attention at ICON. drop me a line if you want to play a game.
ICON 2017
He is big for a hobbit, but Sias is always fun to play with.
ICON 2017
Blood Bowl is always fun and the guys look like they had a blast.
ICON 2017
Sarel made his own armour and he fights in it too!
ICON 2017
KITT… If I need to say more then you are too young.
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