ICON @ the Zoo 2016

ICON @ the Zoo 2016

I’m sure that many of you know about ICON. However not as many people know that each year ICON raises money to help support the Lorry Park Zoo in Midrand. It’s not a very big zoo, and every cent raised helps. As a thank you for all of the support each year a fistful of tickets are donated to us gamers to come and spend the day in the zoo, playing some board games.

So this year I grabbed an armful of games and went through. I also pre-arranged a game of B-sieged as I knew someone who was going that had a copy and I really wanted to play it.

Being a public holiday the Zoo was fairly busy. There were queues at the canteen and the braai area was fully loaded. Despite it’s small size it’s actually an awesome little zoo. There are almost always cubs to play with, AFAIR there were lions and jaguars this time around. Some of the birds are let out among the crowd and for others you can get into the cages with them. It’s pretty cool.

While I didn’t do a headcount I estimate there were around 20 gamers present. All in all not a bad turn out for an event that does not really appear on many calendars. I started out the day by teaching The Bloody Inn to a few of the early arrivals. I do believe that at┬áChris is going to be buying a copy now ­čśë it was an interesting game with the person in 3rd place grabbing a surprising last turn win.

ICON @ the Zoo 2016
The funds raised at ICON raised these 2, among others who make their home at the zoo.

Next up was the game of B-sieged, we had a full team of 4 players for this. I love the idea behind┬áB-sieged but I’m aware of all of the negative reviews. The game is hard. VERY hard and highly dependent on luck.┬áDespite a few house rules we were seconds from death on multiple occasions. An extremely narrow and hard fought victory. Then Simon (the owner) told us that we were playing on easy! It was still satisfying to see the messenger return triumphant, even if I did want to kill him myself.

I spied New York 1901 in Simon’s back and twisted his rubber arm to teach it to me. I really enjoyed it. So much so that I wanted to play again and we managed┬áto snag another player. It’s a very interesting game and it scales really well from 2 to 3 players. I’m seriously considering buying a copy for myself but I need to get on with building my Shadows of Brimstone figures.

ICON @ the Zoo 2016
A VERY lucky win!

All in all it was a fun day in a really nice environment. Who says that gamers don’t get out into the sun?


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