International Table Top Day 2017

ITTD 2017

So this weekend was International Table Top Day; a day of table top gaming around the world. Things where buzzing on all social media fronts, forums, FB, Twitter etc. In South Africa it happened to fall on a long weekend which meant even more time for games!

I made my on Saturday morning to the Timeless Boardgames games day. Having agreed to run some demo games of Rune Wars I had my own special table reserved just for me J It was a fantastic event with 303 people in attendance. That’s a new record!

ITTD 2017
All setup and ready to go…
ITTD 2017
Game 1 early in the morning. Shami and Pete were still figuring out what the different units can do.
ITTD 2017
They rather enjoyed themselves 😀
ITTD 2017
From now on there will be a table and someone to entertain the little kids. That is a great idea!
ITTD 2017
I really wish I could have joined them in their game. next time I’ll ask them if I can.

Personally I did not play a lot, I walked the floor a bit and chatted with people. I assisted with a few rules explanations for different games too. That’s always fun, I don’t mind helping people especially when it comes to something like games. I did manage to get in a game of Splendor. I’ve played it once about 2 years ago and never really got the hype around it but I decided to give it another go and it intrigued me a bit more.

I usually walk away with a fair amount of loot from events like this but I have decided that I need to tone down. We are planning on adding an extra bedroom on the house so I need to be a bit more judicious with my spending.

ITTD 2017
New loot! I’m really keen to try out the Mage Knight mat.

The rest of the weekend

I had family up from Durban for the weekend with Sunday was reserved for high tea. That meant while Pria was slaving away in the kitchen (did you know croissants can take 2-3 days to make!?!?) a few of us had some time to chill and I was on lunch duty.

ITTD 2017
Things were lit. Just needed a beer…
ITTD 2017
I made the grilled cheese sandwiches Alton Brown style, on the braai and I actually grilled the cheeses first.

The best thing to add to beer and a braai is boardgames! So I taught some of the family how to play Splendor. I had been looking for some kind of engine building game that they can get into. I’m glad to say that this one appears to have filled that requirement nicely. It was a blast and everyone enjoyed it. I’ll try to get a review up sooner rather than later but the queue is rather long at the moment 😉

Monday was also spent playing games, in fact we have played games every evening this week!

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