Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans…

One morning, last week, I woke up with a horrid muscle spasm in my neck, I could hardly move without searing pain. I took off from work and I missed out on the Boardgames evening at Battle Wizards. After lot of rest and medication I was back to normal. Then I blinked and found myself in the emergency room with my son. While we did play a few games of Star Realms, pass and play on my tab, it did mean that the weekly games night at my place was canned.

Even the family games night was a bust and I might have to skip of the Timeless Games Day this weekend. At the very least I’ll be going late.

So, not playing games got me thinking about not buying games too which has me thinking about the state of the economy in South Africa. The ZAR – USD exchange rate is currently at it’s worst ever. So importing games becomes more expensive. It’s not like game prices have largely remained the same. There were multiple price increases last year and when the current stock of games is sold out, the new prices are going to make people cry.

On top of that, as  SA is a net importer of food (AFAIR), the cost of food will be going up. Electricity is going up, petrol is going up. That means sales on luxury items will go down. Bad news for the stores, bad news for the hobby.

Even worse for me, I’m still on my 10 x 10 challenge so I can’t buy games now before the prices go up. Some of my friends suggested that I purchase games now and leave it at their place until I finish the challenge 😉 I appreciate the sentiment but I’d feel like I’m cheating.

I have considered purchasing from the local stores and asking them to keep the item until I’m ready, but again, cheating. I am however making progress on my 10 x 10 challenge.

NB: I’m not aiming for 10 specific games, I’m just playing and when I hit 10 x 10 I win.

  • Mice & Mystics – 12
  • Star Realms – 8
  • Epic – 7
  • Catan – 6
  • Cards Against Humanity – 5
  • Dominion – 5
  • Love Letter – 5
  • Star Wars : Imperial Assault – 5
  • The Resistance – 5
  • Lanterns: The Harvest Festival – 4
  • Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game – 3
  • Terra – 3
  • Chess – 2
  • Golem Arcana – 2
  • Welcome to the Dungeon – 2
  • Flip City -1
  • Harbour – 1
  • Jamaica – 1
  • Love Letter: Batman – 1
  • Mage Knight Board Game – 1
  • Ninja Dice – 1
  • Risk – 1
  • Specter Ops – 1
  • Steam Park – 1
  • Sushi Go! – 1

A lot of these are small quick games, which I’m going to aim for 15 plays each instead of 10. Some of them are my review games which I need to return so I may never reach the 10 plays that I need. I aim for 3 – 6 plays before I write a review and only having a few weeks with the games means 10 plays is a bit of a reach. At least it’s progress.

This year looks to be interesting on all fronts, I just hope things start picking up. Soon.

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