Sci-Fi Con 2015

Sci-Fi Con 2015

The number of Con’s in South Africa is on the rise, and one of the new ones this year was Sci-Fi Con. As the name suggests it’s geared towards all things science fiction. It was held on Saturday the 14th of November at Midrand Primary school. I love sci-fi and the fact that I could have walked there (not a chance that I actually would walk though) meant that I just had to go and take a look.

I got there early and while it was still empty managed to have a good look around. The X-Wing guys almost convinced me to get into the game. I want to but I think I’ll wait a bit and see how things go with Armada first.

As is the norm there were a number of stalls selling a lot of geekdom paraphernalia. It was very hard for me to resist some of them, but this time of year I need to start looking at saving money for the holidays. I was very impressed with the life sized R2D2!

Sci-Fi Con 2015

A full day of events was planned with things happening on the stage and in the Robo Wars arena. It felt a bit like I was attending a variety show, but that’s nothing to complain about. Star Lord, the MC for the day, did a good job and when he was not speaking, the DJ was rocking Sci-Fi related music that really hit some nostalgia buttons. There was hardly a moment when there was nothing happening so even as a spectator I was entertained.

The only complaint that I could have is that it felt a bit small, but as it’s the first one you that is to be expected. I really liked the vibe, everything felts nice and relaxed and there were a surprising number of families coming through. I’ve got my fingers crossed that there’s a Sci-Fi Con 2016 and that the number of events grows with it.

I could not stay for the whole day, but here’s some pics of what I did manage to catch, enjoy.

Sci-Fi Con 2015 Sci-Fi Con 2015 Sci-Fi Con 2015 Sci-Fi Con 2015 Sci-Fi Con 2015 Sci-Fi Con 2015 Sci-Fi Con 2015 Sci-Fi Con 2015 Sci-Fi Con 2015 Sci-Fi Con 2015 Sci-Fi Con 2015

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