So much to do this weekend…

Events in Gauteng March 5 2016

So I was looking at my calendar and this weekend is full of stuff to do. While not everything is 100% gaming related there will be games for sale at most places and there should be some decent show specials.

  • There’s Hobby-X this weekend at the Dome in Northgate. 3 – 6 March
  • Timeless is having their monthly Games day in Bedford view.  5 March
  • Supernatural Con is also something on my radar. 5 March
  • And a good buddy of mine is also hosting a games day to boot!

Hobby-X is a convention of things related to various hobbies. In the hall you will find everything from Cake Decorating to 3D printing and painting. Unplugyourself is always there with a big stall of games (quite a few new games and specials too). Last year they had a decent sized play area with loads of demo games available to try out.

I’ve waxed lyrical about the Timeless Games day. It’s a monthly event where you can just play games in a good environment, for a very reasonable price. They currently have 165 games available to play! I also hear that the giveaway this month is Pandemic Legacy! I want that game!!!

Supernatural Con started last year as a con to celebrate TV shows with a supernatural/sci-fi theme. It’s a nice way to meet like minded people and to enjoy shows that you like.

A meetup at a friends house is always a good thing. No, I’m not going to give away any details for this, sorry. There’s nothing I like better than having a few laughs with good friends. It’s my main reason for playing games!

Sadly I doubt I’ll be able to attend most of these, in fact I might only be able to swing 1 of them and even then only for a short time. Life once again has decided to kick me in the &@#$.

One of the reasons that I started this blog is because I lost touch with my hobbies. the main reason at the time was a year long course that I was on. This year my wife is on the same course. He study group has planned to meet every Wednesday for the current study block. So I’ve all but abandoned the idea of attended Wednesday game nights at Battle Wizards for the next few months. 🙁

She is also studying every weekend, but she does not like the noise at home so goes to work to study. Last week she returned at 9pm, 7pm the week before 🙁 I need to support her as I know how tough the course is. Then there are the kids and usual household chores to worry about over the weekend too.

Lets see how things go.

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