Timeless Board Games 1st Birthday Game Day

Timeless Board Games Party June 2015

Timeless Board Games is an online games store that hosts monthly board games days.The object of these days is to let people gather and have some fun in a safe environment. Also to get people to buy some games 😉 You can find more about the game days themselves here.

It started a year ago with a about 24 people and around 30 games available. It may not seem like a lot of games but you’ve got to start somewhere. For the number of people it was more than enough.

Timeless Board Games 1st Birthday
Things were slower last year.

Since then the games day has gone from strength to strength. 146 people attended the birthday games day. The selection of games has grown too, with 130 available for the day! That’s almost a game per person, not counting games that people brought themselves.

I brought the family with this time around. We arrived around 10:30am. The kids were gobsmacked. Like the proverbial kid in a candy store but worse. Our first game was a trial of Dominion Intrigue; we almost stopped playing because the kids kept getting distracted 😉

Timeless Board Games 1st Birthday
Just some of the games available on the day.
Timeless Board Games 1st Birthday
The lucky draw always draws a crowd.

This time around there were 10 draw prizes for the day instead of the usual 2! Every person that attended also got a goodie bag with sweeties and a R50 voucher, valid for October. The total value of items given away was over R 3,300.00

Eugene from Skycastle came through in the evening, after closing up at Hobby-x. He brought with him even more games that we could try out. I really wanted to try both Blood Rage and Rum & Bones but Blood Rage was in demand. I managed to get in a game of Rum & Bones, which I now really want to play again. Flip City has also got my interest; I’ll pick up a copy at some point.

Timeless Board Games 1st Birthday
Rum & Bones! The dice hated Eugene in this game.
Timeless Board Games 1st Birthday
Even the extra outside seating was full.

All in all, it was a day well spent. The family left early, I only got home closer to midnight! I like going to the normal ones but this one was a treat. I hope that Timeless has many more!

Timeless Board Games 1st Birthday
15 kgs of wors went to a good cause.
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