10 x 10 Challenge done!!


My 10 x 10 is done! Finally! It feels like forever, but it’s only been a tad over 2 months. That’s actually hardly any time when you consider that it was to play 100 games. However I’m not the first to finish the challenge. According to BGG 4 people had finished already with some people finishing the challeng twice.

It was actually a bit of a chore at times. I really wanted to buy some games, I should not have put that restriction on myself as it meant that I was actually missing out on the main purpose of the challenge itself.

That was to rediscover my games. In some cases I just played to get the games done. In other cases I dusted off games that I had either only played once or not touched at all. That was pretty cool. Mage Knight is awesome, I’m actually disappointed in the +2 years that it was sitting on my shelf I’d only played it twice before. I need to do some catching up! Mice and Mystics was also really good, but I’ve not finished the campaign… I need to hop to it, the story is great.

Some games I’ve found new depth in. I played 10 games of Chess. I used to play it often, in school, but I never really did the “play 2 moves ahead” thing. Now I think I have figure it out and it’s pretty cool. I am however weary about getting AP 😉

Kingdom Builder is another great game that does not get much love from me. It looks boring but it’s actually fantastic! It makes me wonder how many other good games I’m am sitting on. I have defiantly developed an appreciation of the games that I have to the point that I don’t actually want to buy anything new.

I really don’t. My kids think I’m addicted to games but I don’t. I have however developed a new appreciation for solo games. I’ll admit that I’ve ordered some. It gives me something to do while the kids and the Mrs are studying and I’m not supposed to make noise. I just need to keep the prices quiet or I won’t be able to play anymore games, ever.

I cannot wait to try the challenge again, but net time I’m going to take it slowly on purpose. I’m actually not going to even care if I don’t finish it. I’m just going to try and enjoy my games.

*The image I have used is from BGG and is for the game Knights of Ten

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