Collecting Board Games

Collecting Board Games

If you are reading this then you either already have a collection of board games or you have an interest in them which may or may not result in you purchasing your own. One of the biggest factors stopping people from buying games is the price. It’s a luxury item and as such it’s expensive. After the recent presidential stuff-up buying board games in South Africa just got even more expensive.

This is a problem because the volume of new games being released is increasing. There’s 1000’s of new games every year; from big companies and small 1-2 man shops. The hype train never stops and somehow I seem to have a lifetime train ticket.

Gaming groups

Unless you play solo games you will need someone to play with. Inviting people over for a few drinks, snacks and some games is easy. Supplying the games (and sometimes the food and snacks too!) on the other hand isn’t. Now, you don’t need to consistently play the new hotness. In fact playing a few games more often can be far more rewarding that constantly learning the rules to new games.

People tend to want to buy the games that they want to play or think are interesting. So if you want to play something specific then you will usually end up purchasing it. I’ve seen a lot of posts, on different gaming forums, which imply that 1 person ends up buying the majority, if not all of the games for any given group.

Collecting Board Games
I’ve sold a lot of the stuff that was in here, mostly to make space for models that I don’t want to store in the game boxes.


Personally I don’t mind buying loads of games, I’m a collector. I like seeing them on my shelves (although I don’t like my shelves themselves). I know quite a few people that buy games and don’t play them for months. In those intervening months they buy even more games!

Collecting Board Games
This collection belongs to Nike Pillay in Durban. Would you believe that he only started collecting in 2012 and already has over 300 games?

Again, nothing wrong with that. It can actually be quite a lucrative hobby. Games actually go up in value. Games go out of print and there are limited editions and kickstarter exclusives, all of this increases the value of the games. Some people make good money reselling their games. I recently missed out on a $180 version of Twilight Struggle, it’s on ebay a month later for $400….

Collecting Board Games
He usually games at home but sometimes pops off to Unseen Shoppe (Westville) and The Batcave (kloof).

I have sold a few games but that was actually quite difficult for me to do. I’m one of those people who get emotionally attached to things, also I’d rather have the pretty boxes on my shelves.

So what’s new then?

So far this year I’ve acquired quite a few new games and I’ve got a few more Kickstarters on the way. This brings me to one of my latest games:

Collecting Board Games
I’ve had my eye on this since last year.

Now, I did not pay for this one. A friend did. We were up late one night, or early one morning (depending on your perspective) playing our Seafall campaign and he said that he has had a lot of fun playing games over the years and wants to contribute to the collection. So he is going to buy 1 game a year! THAT’S AWESOME!

So DOOM is the game for this year. The old version was a group favourite, in about 10 plays none of them have yet to win the first mission (insert evil overlord laugh here). Although I did play against Ronin once and he won, it was a close game even though he only had a single character.

Collecting Board Games
Adrian Smith started his collection under a year ago. He plays with his family and the collections grows with games that they all would like. That’s cool.

Let’s see how this goes I really appreciate the sentiment. For now though I’m going to have to slow down my purchases. We want to remodel the house, and in the process I’m getting new shelves 😀 Although; I have bought Splendor and I received 3 KS games in the past week, Burgle Bros, Paperback and Fugitive. The collecting never stops.

Collecting Board Games
This is in my garage, the games that get played less often. There are more, in some drawers and on the dining table… I have a problem 😛
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