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So this afternoon the kids had some company come home from school with them. I don’t mind they are all good kids. They went into the bedrooms and started mucking about and emerged about 10 minutes later with a copy of Monopoly Jnr that I forgot we even had.

At first I was taken aback. Monopoly! My Kids? I’ve got a ton of other games that they can play. I’ll admit that at first the girls wanted to play The Bloody Inn but I thought that the theme was a bit too much for the youngest, the boys in the mean time had foudn the Monopoly and started to setup. I actually went looking for other games for them to play; I’ve got lots of better games. When I emerged from my study they had already started to play and the enthusiasm that they had was just infectious. I decided to watch them play.

They were excited, and the squeals of delight when they could buy something made me smile. They fought, as most do during monopoly games but they got over it and had fun. I reminded me of games back when I was young and it was too cold to play outside (it must have be 6 degrees C outside today)

It was actually really cool and reminded me of the fun that can be had playing games. Not everything needs to be a contest of wills or have perfect information, sometimes roll and move will do. Pure dumb luck can lead to both tears and laughter.

I’m going to try to keep this in mind as we go into National Board Games Day. It’s on June 16. It’s Youth Day, which makes it a public holiday but it’s also Board Games Day, it’s actually registered. There are a few events that I know of happening here in Gauteng.

Battle Wizards in Centurion is hosting a Pauper MTG tournament and also inviting board gamers to come through and play games.

Outer Limits Melville is hosting a Board games day too. They will also be having an intro to DnD 5th Edition for anyone who would like to try their hand at an RPG. There’s also free coffee and hot chocolate all day, you just need your own mug.

Outer Limits PTA is also having a board games day but they will be having a draw prize of a R500 voucher for one lucky gamer.

The Pretoria events will start at 10:00 until 3:00pm but I think Melville will be open until 5:00pm.

I’m not sure which event to attend, or if I should just stay home and game with the family. We are in one of the worst cold spells all year… Let’s see what happens on Thursday.

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