Half of 2017 is gone, it’s time to take stock

2017 10 x 10 Challenge

It’s already June, ½ the year is just gone! So I find myself sitting wondering what I have done so far this year and what am I going to be doing for the rest of the year. Also June in South Africa means ICON. The largest geek/tabletop event in the country. The excitement is growing!

First up, where am I?

So I’ve got my 10 x 10 challenge and I’m supposed to be at least ½ way through by the end of the month. Here is where I’m standing:

  • Chess: 22/10
  • Star Wars Destiny: 17/10
  • Scythe: 3/10
  • Mage Knight: 1/10
  • Sans Allies: 10/10
  • Blood Bowl: 8/10
  • Rallyman: 0/10
  • Dawn of the Zeds: 4/10
  • Cruel Necessity: 0/10
  • Race for the Galaxy: 9/10
  • Caverna: 1/10

That’s 56/100 or 56% games done. Not too bad until you actually look at the games, it’s all the shorter/filler games. Most of which I will be playing a lot of for the rest of the year anyway J Also there is 1 play of Caverna which is my 11th game, a standby if for whatever reason I can’t play the other games.

I’ve got more hours of playtime ahead of me than what I have accomplished! I had better get cracking or I’m not going to make it! It’s tough though I have a stack of new games to play and with my exams over I’m going to go out to meet friends. Oh, well it’s “only” games.

I’m also another week down on my “no new games until my list is done” promise. That’s a good thing, it is getting easier to resists making purchases. Except for Lord of Hellas, it’s so pretty and War of the Worlds. I love the theme to bits and if DVG allows for other games of theirs to be added to the pledge then I might just cave and get a few…. For now though I’m succeeding.

So, what’s next for the year?

This week was my birthday and I treated myself to this:

hobby progress 2017
Airbrush time!

I’m making a concerted effort to better my painting skills. I want to go beyond “decent for tabletop” before November this year and that is going to mean that I will need a LOT of practise. So if anyone has anything that needs painting, let me know, maybe we can make a plan 😛

I still need to get cracking with DOOM, painting and making an insert. I really hope there is no expansion anytime soon. Then I will have to make another insert!

ICON 2017 where, when, how?

Next weekend, from the 16th to the 19th, is ICON TIME! It’s once again at Gallagher Estate in Midrand. It promises to be bigger and better than last year with more guests, more games, more space, more of everything!

I’m going to be there for all 3 days, helping to run demo games, so teaching and not that much playing myself, unless there is only 1 person who wants a demo and he needs someone to play against 😉

If you’re looking for some new games or just to have some fun over the long weekend, come through! You can also win double tickets to enter here.

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