I love Easter, it’s one of my favourite times of year…

Easter 2016

… not only because there’s a lot of public holidays but being Catholic it’s a really special time of year for me. We also have a lot of family time. That means catching up, doing things we have missed out on and also time for games.

My weekend started as normal, lots of time at Church 🙂 My son and I had been on a bit of a Memoir ’44 binge, getting in quite a few games when I came home from work. It died on Saturday as the kids spent the day with their cousins and I was at home with the Mrs and my mum.

The ladies started talking about how tough mutton is and how long they would have to cook lunch. That reminded me that I had bought a potjie! It was an excellent opportunity to give it a run in.

Easter 2016
A pot needs to be run in, this involves melting off the wax layer on the inside. The are various methods of doing this. I used the easiest.

Now cooking tough meet is rather time consuming so I unpacked my copy of The Bloody Inn and setup a few solo games where I could keep an eye on things. The game time was actually far quicker than I expected so I was bored after a while…

Easter 2016
Playing Bloody Inn on the patio, solo.

… this took me back indoors for a bit where I went back to building models for Shadows of Brimstone. I managed to finish all of the models of the first starter set City of Ancients and I actually got started on the second one.

Easter 2016
The cowboys face off against the Goliath,

When all was said and done we had an excellent, if I do say so myself, mutton curry potjie. My son and I actually used vetkoek to mop up the gravy at the bottom of the pot, it really was finger licking good!

Easter 2016
Nom nom nom nom.

Sunday night I finally found some time to get a game going, again solo so I could learn the rule. I love it. First thing Monday morning, after chores, I convinced the kids to play too. I think we finished at 8pm. The ladies went out for the day and we had a great time playing the RPG style game. I think they are already very attached to their characters.

I foresee myself going on a real Shadows of Brimstone bender. I want to paint the models that I have built, I want to assemble the second starter set and I want to play play play!!!

Sadly I only have 2 hands and can only do 1 thing at a time 🙁 If I paint then I’m not building more models to add variety to my games, if I builds models then I’m not enjoying the game itself or painting to add colour to my games and if I’m playing then I’m not doing either of the other two!

Easter 2016
So much cardboard… 9 A3 sheets to punch out…

It’s like the kid in a candy store syndrome where you are paralyzed by indecision…

So anyway aside from news of all the bombings and generally nasty stuff happening in the world, and also having to be an adult, I had a really fun weekend. I hope you did too.

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