Kickstarter, it can be dangerous.


So last Sunday, after church we went out for breakfast. On the way home the radio was on…

Radio: “Finance minister Pravin Gordhan is being investigated for…”

Me: “Shit, there goes the exchange rate and I just dropped 200GBP on Kickstarter”

Wife: “Erm, say that again?”

So I’ve started playing around on Kickstarter. For those who don’t know what it is yet, it’s a means for people with ideas and product to get production funded by the masses. In return these masses get discounts/exclusive products/early launches and free stuff.

At first I was just dabbling on a few smaller games, Sans Alliés and Fog of Love. Nothing serious; in terms of cash, not individually anyway. I have to say that I have been a bit green when I seem some of the awesome stuff that other people get so I took a dive.

Next up was Masmorra from CMON. It looks like fun and it feels like King of Tokyo turned Dungeon crawler. I know I’ll enjoy it and the kids will too. So I did not mind going all in on that, well almost, I don’t really need treasure chests.

Then I saw Darklight. I really wanted this, but only once a certain stretch goal was unlocked. However I was really engrossed in a game of Shadows of Brimstone with the kids and I totally missed the last day of the KS. So when Dark Souls appeared I jumped in headfirst.

Now it looks great but there are a lot of misgivings on the web about the way the KS campaign was run. A lot of negativity, but I was hooked. It seemed like something that I can get behind. It’s got a fast setup and then you just hit the ground running. I like that.

While I was keeping an eye on it I spotted This War of Mine as well as Outlive and Cavern Tavern.

*sigh* some many good looking games, but I just don’t have the cash. After Sunday I’ve actually sobered up a bit and realised just how much money I’m throwing into the internet.

Since then I’ve been hearing horror stories of campaigns ending and the creators vanishing. No products to be seen; or half-baked products that don’t live up to what was promised. I’ve dialled back. Cavern Tavern looks awesome and I think I’ll have a few laughs (and draughts) playing it but I’m going to skip. Outlive too, it’s got a fallout shelter! Fallout is amazing but no.

Dark Souls will stay though. I love the IP and there’s a local company Skycastle that’s arranging to order on behalf of SA players. That means we score on the shipping!!! They are also planning on doing the same for This War of Mine so I’m definitely going to grab that. It sounds like an amazing retelling of the hardships of war from the POV of civilians.

Well that’s my first foray into Kickstarter. I’ve gone from excitement and elation to disheartenment and nothing that I’ve backed is even close to shipping yet! At least I’m not going to be as broke as I would have been had Sunday morning note happened. It’s really easy to get caught up in things and not notice the money just flowing away.

Also Massive Darkness is going to be out soon too…

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2 thoughts on “Kickstarter, it can be dangerous.

  1. Hey, I’m also an avid kickstarter backer of boardgames and yes the Rand exchange rate and shipping is killing it for me. How is Skycastle helping with shipping? Eugene said he wanted to start something like this.

    1. Morning, Eugene has started a FB group (Skycastle Kickstarter Club) in which people recommend KS campaigns that they would like to follow then if there’s enough interest he will back it as a store and bring it in for those who put in an order. There’s also an email address setup where you can send them requests again if there’s enough interest they will bring it in.

      So in the case of Dark souls, there’s a retailer pledge at half price with free shipping but he has to sell it at normal RRP. So we get it for GPB 80 with all the SG and pay extra for add-ons. We don’t pay for shipping.

      This War of Mine has an option to back for 6 copies too. So he gets that and we essentially get it from him but we pay RRP at the time of the campaign.

      He sorts out all the shipping to SA. I guess he can add it to some of his incoming shipments or something 😉

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