Life, it’s the cause of all your joy and it can make you want to slit your wrists.

So, I’ve mentioned before how life happens when you’re making plans. Well there’s another saying that I’ve skimmed past. Life is a b!tch and then you die. I’ve always thought that you are in control, that was before I was diagnosed with depression.

I’ve had the opinion that you’re depressed because you can’t focus yourself or force yourself through it. I’ve always thought of it as a state of mind that you can power through. The answer is yes and no.

Now,  I don’t plan on talking about depression in depth here. Neither will I discuss specifics of my own case.  Suffice to say I’ve been clinically depressed for a long time and games are what got me through the past year and a bit.

I’m in a position where my psychologist says I’m bored and need a new challenge. What’s got me through the past year was updating this blog. What’s getting me through the week now is waiting to play games.

My wife is studying, the kids school work is increasing and my day job us a huge step down from what I used to do.

This blog has given me something to do and now that I’ve done it, I need a new challenge. I’m not going to stop but I think I’m going to slow down. I started with the intention of a post every other week but I’ve been posting twice a week for a while now.

That’s double my original intention. It’s a lot and it’s become a bit of a chore. The past few weeks I’ve cut down, mostly because I was depressed. Now I need to focus a bit and find something that will help me to carry on.

If, you’re one of the subscribers who look forward to 2 posts a week I apologise.  Maybe I’ll get back to it but for now,  I need to downsize and focus.

That said,  I’ve just had an excellent game of Scythe and I see that VPG has a late pledges open…

I’m not going to stop posting but I’m cutting down.  I’m aiming for a post a week until I can get myself in gear again.

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4 thoughts on “Life, it’s the cause of all your joy and it can make you want to slit your wrists.

  1. Thank you for sharing Luke – i’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and i wish you all the best!
    I’ll keep reading your updates when you post them, but i would suggest you focus on yourself a bit! Best wishes, sir!

  2. Hi Luke

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs. Went though a similar experience and am not going to elaborate cos its just going to sound cliche. But seriously, take it easy. Focus on yourself, the world can sort its own problems out. Take a holiday, retreat to your batcave when it gets too much, keep playing board games, call a friend, scream at the ocean, get a massage…just take it easy mate.

    All the best


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