Life, the ever changing game…

I play a lot of games. Mostly for the fun of it, sometimes for the challenge. It’s 00:35, I’m sitting  on the  floor of a bed and breakfast cos the plug point is too far to charge my tablet as I type this…

I was actually up last night ( well,  technically 2 days ago ) typing the opening of today’s post because I knew I would be out of town and thought I should get a head start. My laptop decided to install windows 10 while I was busy. Needless to say I was not impressed.

Old laptop + new OS = slow machine. This is after the a few hours for the install. Why did I wait so long? Because I was going to be out of town and I wanted to have something so that I didn’t disappoint both of my readers 🙂

I had planned to bring along with me games that I could play a plane or in an airport. I had done that but life (that sultry minx) decided that I should not have time to play games and gave me other things to do instead.

Now, I have to say that while I’m currently inebriated, I have managed to teach someone who is with me a game that they didn’t know existed. I have also realised that my hobbies can be both fun and debilitating.

In the past year I’ve spent a hell of a lot of cash and time on new games, sometimes  just to have something new. That’s not right. I’m even more convinced of this as i go deeper into my hobby.

I find that I’m now looking for more and more games that aren’t mainstream. My tastes have changed since I’ve started this blog and it’s going to keep changing. With this in mind the way I review games won’t change. Everyone has different tastes so I’ll try extolling the virtues of the games that I get but, I’m not going to throw money into new games just to get a review out. (I’m going to add a bit to the who am I page about how I review just to clarify this, but not now)

I guess it’s time for some changes here. What they maybe I don’t know. Hopefully they will include some of the plans that I had when I first started this blog. For now it includes sleep


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