Promises almost broken…

Purchase fewer games

So this was my desk for most of the past week. It was worth it though;  I passed!! Take that scumbag exams! So that’s #1 on my to do list done. Although I still have another week to go, it’s nice to get it done early. Now on the #2 & #3… but instead of painting games I would much rather just play them. Truth be told I almost failed at the endeavour I undertook within 3 days of making the commitment.

Last weekend a friend wanted to purchase a game that is essentially at the top of my wish list. Leaving Earth by Lumenaris. It’s not your usual type of game, it’s got a lot of math involved. As in you are doing actual calculations as part of your planning. I know it sounds more like work than a game but I find it appealing. A lot of people find that you actually get a sense of accomplishment from seeing your plans working.

It’s about the space race. Each player has a different country and they want to be the first to get a man on the moon or mars or wherever. However you need to research and get money and spend it efficiently. I don’t think I’m doing it justice but it just sounds fascinating.

Anyway. My friend decided to place an order and I said “what the hell, count me in”. Luckily on Monday when he wanted to confirm shipping I remembered that I needed new tyres on my car. So that saved me. Especially since ICON 2017 is coming up and I need to keep spending money for that too.

For now though I’m safe. Just 2 more things to go and I can let myself buy something. It’s going to be tight. I know I will want to buy something at ICON which is a little over 2 weeks away but there are some Kickstarters coming to a close soon and I don’t think I’ll get my painting done in time.

Maybe I just need to purchase less.

Ok, I’ll admit that I do need to purchase fewer games, although I just don’t want to 😛

Purchase fewer games
95% seems like a good mark, until you notice that you need 87% to pass.
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