Resistance is not futile…ok, it is but I’m not giving up!


So, I’ve starting resisting new games. Let me tell you it’s not been easy. In the case of B17 Flying Fortress it’s even tougher.

The KS for B17 is almost over, as I type there’s only about 50 hours left and I’m trying very hard to resist. The pledge level with the miniatures looks like a steal. On top of that there’s a pair of card games they are reprinting just for this KS and if you want to you can add them on and use them to resolve in-game battles!

That just sounds cool. I’m also a fan of WWII in general and I love the Flying fortress planes. As a kid my older brother used to build model planes and I picked up the hobby from him after watching him build one of those. It was huge and the number of people that it took to crew it was boggling, at the time. It was also bristling with guns and that just made it cooler.

On top of all of that it’s a DVG game. I’ve been wanting a DVG game for the past year. ARRRGH!!!!

I must resist.

I must resist.

I must resist.

On to other things…

Enough about that, lets take my mind off of it. Since I’m back to painting again I spent another couple of hours at it today. First up I primed a few more models.

I think I'm going to enjoy painting these. The gaps that I did not fill will annoy me but hey,.
I think I’m going to enjoy painting these. The gaps that I did not fill will annoy me but hey,.

These are the elite enemies from the Shadows of Brimstone starter sets. I use the Army Painter primer for the first time (red). I have to say I’m impressed. It went of easier than the GW (white) and it’s quite solid so it’s really handy as a base coat too. I just need to test the actual paints to see how they fare.

The handy thing about the Army Painter sprays is that they match their paint range exactly. So if you missed a spot with the primer or if you messed up you can just go over it.

While those were drying I finished up my zombies/spirits. These models serve dual roles in the Shadows games, depending on which expansion you’re using so I went with a muted colour scheme so that they could fit into either role.

I'm not 100% happy with these but I'm not disappointed either. They will do the job.
I’m not 100% happy with these but I’m not disappointed either. They will do the job.

I actually want to go back to the painting now and get cracking on the rest of them. I’ve got 16 more models and I’m done with the SoB starter sets!

Only about 6 boxes of expansions to go after that… however I’m in the mood for something else, I just don’t know what.

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