State of my hobby…or my head right now.

State of my hobby

Everything is a mess right now. Not because I’m lazy or running out of space rather because I’m actually using everything. I’m actually playing games. Lots of games. I think I may have broken the 100 games played for 2018 mark already.

No 10 x 10 list, I’m not logging my games, and as people have been telling me, I’m not writing about them either 😛 It feels kind of liberating. I’m just having some fun.

Tales of 2 gamers?

Ronin and I have not had a chance to play 40K since school started. New school, new workload plus he made it on to the cricket and rugby teams. This means that after school and weekends are really busy for him.

So no time for 40K but luckily Star Wars Destiny is really quick and we can squeeze in a game every now and then. He has also taken an interest in Magic the Gathering. My wallet is afraid, very very afraid. Luckily it’s just commander for now.

Commander is cheaper in the long run but it’s expensive either way.

Painting is taking a back seat too…

Currently I’m at a crossroads where I’ve lost my muse but I’m also a bit low on time (too much gaming, not a bad problem to have though). I did try some speed painting last weekend. Some friends were coming over and wanted to have Scythe ready to be played but…

… I ran out paint. Everything was playable but I wasn’t happy. It’s just as well though, we ended up playing a lot of games but Scythe was not one of them. I do plan on finishing them just as soon as I’ve replaced the colours that I’m missing.

DOOM is still on the cards and Mythic Battles: Pantheon but I afraid of messing that on up. I’ve actually got everything ready for my next DOOM post but I’m really not happy with those models 🙁 Like I said though, I’ve lost my muse and I’m not really interested in painting I’d rather be playing.

What does this mean for my blog?

Well, with me spending more time playing, I’ve got less time for writing (and with writing as bad as mine, I need lots of time!). This means I’m going to be posting less. I feel guilty about that but I also feel a bit free. The pressure I was putting on myself to get things done meant losing some of the joy of just playing games.

I started the blog to get back to the fun of gaming and well, I’m there. Things won’t end here, it will just get slower. I’m going to try for every other week but I’ll have to see what happens.

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