Shadows of Brimstone Game 1: A Fist full of Dark stone

Shadows of Brimstone campaign mission 1

Last week I was feeling rather sorry for myself. I was held up at gunpoint and my new phone was gone.A some point I wandered into my study and starting tidying up. As I was packing my latest Shadows of Brimstone expansion and then I counted 10 of them. They were still in shrink, some of them for over a year! I thought I should make use of the them and  open at least 1 a month and do a solo narrative campaign. So here goes…

Before I start, apologies for the poor pics I used a very old tablet. I have recently got a replacement phone so things should be better next time.


So there we were making our way out west. I had just earned my badge and was eager to prove myself when I heard about the town of Brimstone and what happened out there. I thought I’d go and see what I could do to lend a hand to those troubled folks. That’s when I ran into Pastor Bolton and his posse. At first glance they seemed like they were a couple of crazies just running into certain doom. Once I got to know them things started looking a bit better.

Pastor Bolton

To call him a preacher would be tame. He put the fear of divine retribution into you! That man had a way with words. It touched you, inspired you and made you feel the shame of your sins and the joy of your successes. He desperately wanted to push back the darkness which he believed was going to sweep over the world and dragged us along for the ride with him.


She had skills that I don’t really want to mention. Let’s just say she was a lady of costly affection. She says that the Padre saved her from a John who was angling to give her a real beating. Pastor supposedly wielded the wrath of the angels. He showed ‘Q that when you are fighting for your life (or that of someone else) then no trick is too dirty to give the devil his due. Now she fights like a devil too and she follows him everywhere. I think she still keeps to her nightly habits but nobody gets the better of her this time around.

Wade Wilkson

Here was a shifty character if I ever saw one. Something about him just gives me the creeps. It could be the way he looks at you, like he’s always aiming. I can’t rightly say that I’ve seen any man as quick on the draw as Wade. He knows his way around a gun and it’s clear that he can take care of himself. I didn’t really believe that he was a real follower of the Padre. I initially thought that he was tagging along with the other 2 just as an excuse to get some of that dark stone for himself, seeing as nobody wanted to play poker with him anymore but he’s got his own daemons to fight. I guess we all have.

By the way, the names’ Thompson.

A fist full of dark stone…

It took us a few days easy riding to see our first signs of the corruption. The trees were looking kind of funny and there was a smell in the air like when the hangman leaves the body on the gibbet for too long. We stumbled upon the entrance to the mine almost by accident. It was the smell that got us there first and the small pieces of stone lying around.

Padre decided that we should go in and have a look.

Shadows of Brimstone campaign mission 1
The mine was dark and uninviting but that did not stop us.

The mine entrance appeared just like I thought it should but things quickly changed. We stepped into the next room, weapons at the ready, Padres shone his old lantern around, what we saw was horrifying. Before us was a deep pit. It looked like it descended into the bowels of hell itself, we could not even see the bottom but what was behind it was truly terrifying. An altar of some kind and upon it a badly mangled corpse of what could only be another preacher.

The Padre flew into a rage and pushed the altar over. While we were busy trying to give the poor soul some dignity a dozen spiders crawled out of the pit and tried to eat us! You might think that’s far-fetched but these spiders was bigger than some dogs! And their undersides where just a mouthful of teeth! We later learned that the locals call them Void Spiders.

It did not take us very long to dispatch the buggers. After that we laid the body of the preacher to rest as best we could. Around his neck we found an Iron Cross which Padre took as a sign for us to continue onwards and he kept it as a weapon against the darkness.

The Prospector

The next room we found a prospector hacking at a wall with his pickaxe. He seemed a bit out of sorts and as soon as we approached he rushed us and gave Wade a nasty gash with his pick. One look in his eye and we could tell there was no reasoning with him so we put him out of his misery double quick. It turned out to be a bad idea. He seemed to explode. A bunch of giant tentacles jumped out of him and tried to crush us.

Shadows of Brimstone campaign mission 1
The Prospector was possessed, we had to cleanse this place before someone else suffered the same.

That fight caught us off guard but we quickly formed up and started acting like a team. It was messy and for a second we thought we might not make it but our good Padre can preach a good sermon and he kept us on our feet.

After we cleaned the room we felt an urgent need to push on. Arriving at a 4 way cross passage we took a moment to catch our breath. A hiss followed by a metallic chinking sound drew out attention southwards.

The 2nd Prospector

We found a cavern full of steam. Fumbling our way through we heard a voice “Who goes there? Don’t come any closer, I’m armed!” after identifying ourselves we found another prospector digging for dark stone. This one was a bit saner. Pete, it turns out, has been holed up down here for a while. He does not mind the stench. It turned out he nicked a steam pipe causing the clouds which blocked our vision and muffled any sounds from outside the room.

He was grateful for the company and even bandaged us up a bit. Once again we felt time pressing against us and decide to continue on our way. Instead of going back the way we came we decided to fist check the other 2 exits from the room, just to make sure Pete was not in any immediate danger…

Nightmare made real

As we approached the first archway the mist began to clear. A low chanting in an unearthly voice made the hairs on the back of my arm stand on end. The next cavern was a scene I’ll never forget.

Shadows of Brimstone campaign mission 1
Something from our darkest nightmares.

There we found it… the source of the corruption in the mine. A vile creature unlike any we had seen before. The huge beast turned to look at us; dread flowed off of it and made our bones cold. It was not from this planet…

It grunted and point at us and a dozen people standing around it turn and lurched towards us. They were all zombies! Behind them were piles of corpses from which other bodies started to rise and lurch towards us!

Padre Bolton yelled at the top of his voice and the Nightmare fell away from him dazed and confused. Realising it was the greatest threat Wade and I tried to shoot every bullet we had into it. No easy feat because Q and the Padre were standing in front of us meaning we could hardly aim through the cloud of steam we were standing in.

They kept the zombies off of us as we eventually felled the beast. We then turned our attention to the zombies but for every zombie we killed new ones just rose up from the corpse piles at the end of the room. We needed to destroy those abominations.

Shadows of Brimstone campaign mission 1

Wade pulled a stick of dynamite out of his satchel and hurled it into the room. Luck was with us as it bounced and blew a clear path for us to get through. We wasted no time in burning all of the corpses to the ground.

With the mine clear of evil we made our way back to the fresh outside air. The star never shone as brightly as they did on that night.

That wraps up the intro mission. I did play the travel and town phase using the frontier town expansion but I’ll save that for an intro to the next game.

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  1. That was a fun read! Sounded like mansion of madness with a bloody splatter of dawn of the dead, and a spittoon of chewing tobacco! Nice 👍

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