A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 3

A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 3

More than a month has gone by since our last update that’s because it was exam time. Ronin loves 40K (as do I) but I had to start winding it down the closer we got to exams so that he could study and until last week we had stopped playing entirely. Here’s what’s happened since the last update.

News from Ronin:

Hi it’s me Ronin again. I had the time of my life in the past month. In the beginning I bought a Space Marine Stormhawk Interceptor. I had an option to choose from a Stormhawk Gunship and a Stormhawk Interceptor. I chose the Stormhawk Gunship. It comes with a twin-linked assault cannon which is not optional. I also chose to put two lascannons on it.

We played a couple of games and I lost all but 1. It was the most exciting night of my life. We had a splendid time doing it. I used 2 Primaris Lieutenants, one with an auto bolt rifle and one with a power sword.

A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 3
Ronin built this in record time however he made a mistake on the little wings…

They are super cool and helpful but it was sad because I was a little crazy to put my Lieutenant with the power sword in the middle of nowhere. In turn 1 daddy’s drone could charge him. It was sad because he could not do anything beside that combat.

I love Warhammer 40k because it is a cool game where you need to think a lot and plan really hard. Warhammer 40K is kind of like chess, thinking and planning is one of the keys to victory.

A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 3
… it gave me a chance to teach him how to use Greenstuff so it worked out in the end.

My turn:

So in the past 2 months we played a fair amount and I even started painting some of my plague walkers but I did not like how they were turning out so I kind of lost interest. *sigh* I’m lazy like that. I’ve got 3 different painting projects on the go and I rotate between them as the muse strikes.

One afternoon I got home to this on my desk:

A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 3
The gauntlet has be thrown!

It’s a letter from the Space marines to the Death guard challenging them to a battle! I need to answer the call but I think I need to get myself a tank first. Ronin’s bought his Stormhawk (with his own pocket money that he saved for almost a year) and after digging through my models in the garage found a land speeder too! I need to catch up then we can have an epic showdown this holiday.

Maybe I should just play against everything that he has, it’ll all but guarantee him a win because I’m severely outnumbered. Hopefully that will keep his excitement up. I was such a pleasure to see the excitement on his face as he took my last model off of the table. It reminded me of my first big win.

Where to from here?

Ok, so now I need to get myself into gear. My army is almost totally unpainted and our table is, well it’s ugly. So for the month of December we are going to make terrain. I’ve got a few sheets of foamcore which should be easy to turn into ruins or something. We will also try to paint up the sets of barricades that we already have. It’s a pity that they are Ork ones. I guess they will work though.

A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 3
This was only a 20 point game. not much to look at but still fun.

We also need a proper board to use as a table topper. 6’x 4’ is the recommended table size. I did design one that can fold to make it easy to pack away but it’s been months and the carpenter I comissioned has not given me any feedback. I think I’m going to have to cancel that order and just buy a regular board for us to use. It’s a bit of a pain to carry it to and from the garage every time we need to use it but it’ll be way cheaper and it will look better than we have now.

I’ll try to post an update before Christmas, that’s if we find time to do anything aside from playing. Hmm, maybe we can post a full Battle Report!

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