Proud Dad

Proud Dad

As anyone who has read this rather inconsistent blog knows, I’ve been trying to get some father son gaming going. I’ve not always posted about it because it’s not easy. I suffer from depression and he has ADD. Not the best combination however this past weekend I was really proud of Ronin.

He played a full game of Twilight Imperium 4th edition.

A 13 year old with ADD, played his first game of TI4. It was a 4 player game, 2 of which were playing for the very first time. That is usually a recipe for an insanely long game but he got through it. Around 5.5 hours of gaming and he did not even use his meds.

I setup the board and as usual let everyone else pick their spots and colours etc and I used what was left. I ended up sitting across from him, this meant that I could not help him as much as I usually would. Less explaining went his way and more towards Tylon the other new guy who was next to me.

It took some time for the forward planning to kick in but he got into it and actually ended up 3rd! Being 1 point away from 2nd vs adults who have years of gaming experience is a feat IMHO.

Proud Dad
The night before the game he asked me to teach him how to play so he could join. I think those 3 rounds were well spent.

He made me a really proud dad this week and I’ve been geeking out about it too. I’ve been looking at other more accessible 4x games to get for him. Heroes of Land, Air and Sea is looking really good right now. Path of Light and Shadow sounds nice too. Alas, I need to do some repairs around the house so, no new games right now.

I think for now I’ll stick with the games that I have, I’ve got a few new things that I’ve not used yet. I’m going to try Lords of Waterdeep a few times. Then maybe Giant Killer Robots. Finally Scythe or Forbidden stars, both are pretty good at 2 players. I think Forbidden Stars will be a hit, he really likes combat and the dice rolling.

Proud Dad
This would have been the final score but while packing up we found that Ronin had an agenda that he could have scored mid turn so he got bumped up to 7 point.s

Anyway happy gaming and I hope to post again soon.

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