Star Wars Armada casual tournament 10/04/2016

Star Wars Armada Review

So I was up at around 2am, on a Sunday morning deciding on a fleet list to field at a local, casual, Star wars Armada tournament. After going to and fro for a long time I re-read the rules WRT to initiative and objective cards and after it clicked, I cobbled something together.

I decided to field the following:

Imperial Class-I Star Destroyer (ISD)

  • Avenger

Victory Class –II Star Destroyer (VSDII)

  • Overloaded Pulse
  • Weapons Liaison

Victory Class-I Star Destroyer (VDSI)

  • Admiral Screed

Gladiator Class-I Star Destroyer (GSD)


TIE Fighter x 3

This list clocked in at exactly 400 points. So I was pretty much banking on going 1st, I still gave some thought to my objectives.

Advanced Gunnery

Fire Lanes

Intel Sweep

Then I was up shortly thereafter because one of my dogs was sick. Shame, she was not herself at all. Not eating, vomiting, shivering, laboured breathing. So at 8am I was carrying her to the vet. Rough morning was rough.

With her admitted for observation and blood tests, I was ready to go and at around 10:30am I went through to Outer Limits in Melville. Sadly about 6 people who had planning on attending/opted in on the Facebook event could not make it through so there were only 4 of us present on the day.

Being a 3 round event, which kind of worked out well, we could play a round robin. On top of that we were evenly split 2 Imperial and 2 Rebel players.

Round 1

Imperial vs Imperial

David was fielding


  • Gunnery team
  • Overload Pulse
  • Grand Moff Tarkin


  • Demolisher





Soonter Fel

Muler Mithal

TIE fighter

Having the lower cost fleet meant that he got to select the initiative. So he decided that I should go first. I selected Most Wanted as the objective. He got to select a ship from each of our fleets to be the most wanted, it would be worth double victory points. He selected My ISD and not wanting to give me too many points, or make it too easy for me to kill the target he went for his VSD.

I started the setup with my ISD on the extreme left flank of my deployment zone, thinking that he would draw him to that side of the board, in front of some obstacles. He instead started his setup on the far right of the board, away from me. I then setup my next fast ship next to the ISD with the VSDs near the centre.

His ISD and GSD were on my right flank and the VSD dead centre. This suited me fine ‘cos I could bring my whole fleet to bear on it while he had to fly through everything I had to get to my ISD.

I flew straight up the centre, pushing my GSD to get behind his VSD and my ISD to tackle it head on. His VSD flew straight at me while his ISD tried to push through the middle to target everything with its gunnery teams. It’s a scary sight, almost a pleasure to behold, just not from the receiving end! His Gladiator was also rushing to get flak attacks on my exposed right flank.

Armada Session report 10/04/2016
His ISD (right) turns in towards mine at this point, allowing me to hit his flank with a lot of firepower and then fly my ISD past the other flank.

His ISD and GSD made relatively short work on my right most VSD. While that was happening My VSDI was splitting its fire between his ISD and VSD, my VSDII was splitting fire between his ISD and GSD. My Gladiator and ISD closed the gap at speed 3 and destroyed his VSD. Then they continued around the other side of his ISD trapping it between themselves and my remaining VSDI

That’s a lot of black dice that I got to throw at the ISD; needless to say it did not last very long. His fighters whipped mine but Squadron Speedbump did their jobs. His GSD just kept flying straight away from my fleet who would not have been able to turn around in time to catch him anyway.

7-3 Victory

Lessons learnt

  1. When you re-direct incoming fire you can split the damage between the 2 hull zones. I thought you had to take all of the damage on the zone that you were redirecting to.
  2. Noob lesson, the fire arc lines extend to outwards beyond the base. I have no idea why I keep forgetting this.
  3. Screed, my admiral. I never used his ability, not even once *sigh*


Round 2

Imperial vs Rebels

Guy was fielding


  • Don Donna
  • Redundant Shields
  • Defiance

Assault frigate II B

  • Paragon

Assault frigate II B

MC30 Scout

  • Assault Concussion missiles
  • Foresight
  • Tactical Expert



Interestingly enough Guy chose to go first, and selected Intel Sweep from my Objectives. The obstacles were scattered along the centre of the board and I setup my Intel tokens on my left flank. Guy chose to split his on either side of the board.

His first deployment was almost dead centre I put my demolisher on my extreme left to go and fetch the objectives. We then setup the rest of our fleets on the right side of the board. My VSD’s were staring down his MC80 and pair of frigates just off to their right. On the far right I had my ISD looking at his gunship but also keeping an eye on his frigates slightly to its left.

The game started with the MC30 rocketing across the board and eventually ramming into my advancing ISD. This locked them down for 3 turns; neither was able to move past the other! It was a mixed blessing for me.

The MC30 was annoying but it was pretty much the only thing actively targeting my ISD so he could shrug off most of the damage with its defence tokens. I never activated it first so its speed was never 0 when it was shot at. My ISD was pinned in place, effectively making it a stationary gun platform. His frigates advanced into 3 rounds of fire before I destroyed the gunship and flew past them.

In the centre of the board my VSDII ground to a halt in a ramming match with the MC80. This effectively pinned it in place on an asteroid, not a good place to be, however all of the fire it received was obstructed by the asteroids.

Armada Session report 10/04/2016
My ISD was locked down on the far right. The VSD was pinned by the MC80 but the GSD was free!!!

It eventually went kamakazi into the MC80 but not before doing some serious damage. Combined fire from both VSDs really weakened his Frigate that was designated to collect the Intel tokens, and fighter activations finished it off.

The GSD collected enough tokens in front of it to secure the 75 points and then perform a broadside on the MC80’s rear arc. It spent 2 rounds activating first and either shooting and scooting or moving into position and then dropping 4 black dice onto unshielded zones. The MC80 did not last long.

All in all I lost 1 VSD and only a single Frigate managed to escape past my ISD but it was damaged.

9-1 Victory


Lessons learnt

  1. Noob again, I kept doing the fire arc thing!! Arg, I need to play more than every 3-4 months so that I can remember the basics.
  2. Screed, the amount of times I had double blanks… and I never used him once. Mind you I had some beautiful rolls; I think Guy almost shed a tear.
  3. If you have to park your ship on an asteroid field, then make sure the yellow dot is over the asteroids. This makes all incoming fire, to that arc, obstructed.


Round 3

Imperial vs Rebels

Brad was fielding

MC80 Assault

  • Ackbar
  • Defiance
  • Overload Pulse

Assault Frigate MK II A

  • Gunnery team

CR 90 B

  • Rayman Antillies
  • Tantive IV



Han Solo

Luke Skywalker

X-wing squadron

I found this fleet fascinating. It had some really good synergy going. Chucking around bonus command tokens and it has a swarm of fighters that can either act as a screen or harass enemy ships. If I were a rebel player, I’d play something like that. It’s versatile and it can throw out a surprisingly large number of dice!

I was given first player so I selected Opening Salvo from the rather scary looking objectives. I figured that extra dice will help me too and it won’t hurt me as much as the other objectives would.

We setup with almost all of the objectives scattered on the right side of the board. Then I made my first mistake of the game. I did not setup my fleet fully on the left. I don’t know why I did not take advantage of this but I setup my ISD and GSD slightly off centre to the right with my VSDs on the left. He had his CR90 on the right, MC80 in the centre and frigate on my left.

Armada Session report 10/04/2016
I setup in the wrong place I should have been more to my left.

This left my VSDs taking the brunt of his attacks from his Frigate and MC80, not a nice place to be in. My squadrons spread out and did their jobs as speed bumps. Only slightly harassed by enemy squadrons my GSD cut through the asteroids flew past the CR90 and managed a few good shots at the rear of the MC80, the never say die MC80.

The ISD was flying slower this game but brought up the rear and took out the CR90 and over the course of the game also killed Luke, the little b@sta@rd.

Combined fire from the MC80 and frigate quickly destroyed my VSDII but not before his frigate took a pounding and almost all of the shields on the MC30 were destroyed. He did make 1 critical mistake and forgot to roll a black die. I did offer to take the damage but he was very gracious and declined rolling the die during my turn. This gave me an extra 2 rounds of fire power as my plan was to spam engineering commands, which all of my ships were loaded with from turn 2 onwards.

My engineering was so over the top that my ISD actually ended up discarding commands without using them. The ISD did, at one point, ram into the back of my VSDI as we sailed past the remains of the enemy fleet but I could easily repair that damage.

Armada Session report 10/04/2016
My GSD almost flew off of the board!

This was a very tactical game, extremely tight manoeuvring, with errors in activations costing vital points. The frigate could not have had more than 2 hull points left, before it hit the space station for repairs. The MC30 had only 1 hull, 0 shields and only it’s Brace token for defence. My GSD and VSDI were both all but crippled. The only unscathed ship was my ISD.

I did make use of screed on almost every attack; however it was not enough to grant a victory. The game ended in a draw.


Lessons learnt

  1. If you make a plan with your obstacle placement, stick to it. Splitting my forces brought my ISD into the game a turn late.
  2. Don’t spam 1 type of command on every ship. Although in this case it did prevent a loss.
  3. Upgrades are awesome, potentially better than having that extra ship. I don’t know why I don’t want to take more of them.
  4. Do your housekeeping. At one point, I had to move to the other side of the table to move my GSD and I reduced its speed. I forgot to adjust the dial when I got back. This meant that on my turn it was not going as fast as I assumed that it would have been going… oops.
  5. Play more games. That’s the best way to learn.


Over all I got first place and walked away with a Rogues & Villans pack. Having seen them on the table for most of the day I’m very happy with the prize! Thanks Daniel for hosting, I really enjoyed myself.

Also, Jessie is fine. A night with a drip rehydrated her and whatever was in her system was kicked out by some drugs. Incidentally, vet’s bill cost more than my Armada fleet. Oh well, life happens. I’m just glad she is better.

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