A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 2

A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 2

It’s been about a month since Ronin and I have started playing 40K. Our goal, learn the rules and get a fully painted army each to go and play at one of the Gauteng clubs. Let’s see what has happened in the past few weeks.

First up, here is Ronin:

HI my name is Ronin Paruman and I am here to tell you about what has happened in the past four weeks. My dad and I cracked open a new Warhammer 40,000 starter set, it was very fun and we had a blast. Now we got the big rulebook to play real Warhammer 40,000. I love Warhammer but it made us stop playing Star Wars Destiny. At first I was sad but I moved on with life. I will someday ask him to play 1 or 2 rounds of Star Wars Destiny with me.

I also started painting my first 3 man Intercessor squad and the Reiver Squad. They look cool but I am still not finished with them, I need to clean up the Reivers and outline both squads.

A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 2
Starting another battle!

I really love my captain and my flying squad. I love the 3 man flying squad because they get 6 shooting attacks each! They do a lot of damage to my dad’s army called the Death Guard.

I really hate his captain because he always surrounds him with Pox Walkers. They are easy to kill but make it hard to get to him. I hate him because he hits on 2+. What I love about him is that he is only melee so I can just keep shooting at him. He needs 5+ to be wounded and has 6 wounds. My captain has 5 wounds but is ranged and melee. My dad’s drone is the very first thing I shoot at because he rolls 2 D6 and adds it up and gets that many attacks. In the end it is all good.

I want to paint all of my space marines so I can have a cool looking army to play with. My dad wants to paint his Death Guard but we don’t have the right spray-paint so he wants to air brush it. He did it on his Pox Walkers and they looked very cool. He said that he wants to learn how to use the airbrush properly.

Here is my first model, so far:

A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 2
The painting has been tidied up, just highlights and shades to go but it’s already looking cool.

And now for me:

Howzit, so this month started a bit slow. Ronin injured his right hand and there was little he could do until he was better. I used that as an excuse to not do much either 😛 I did get us a copy of Know No Fear and I ordered the new Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine codices.

How is the Know No Fear box?

Know No Fear is similar to the First Strike box only bigger. It’s got double the amount of models. A double sized play mat and the scenery piece is double the size too!

The rules play out in much the same way as the First Strike set. There’s a series of missions that walk you through learning the rules of the game. Then it brings out a mission with all of the rules (and a few extra). It’s a nice way to learn and a very good starting point for the hobby. I almost wish I had skipped First Strike except for 1 thing.

The models were easier to build. Just not for me.

A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 2
Assembly of the Lord of Contagion, I don’t know how but I messed it up and had to “fix” it.

The models in the First Strike set were “Easy Build” models. They were great looking models, better than anything I’ve seen from FFG . My first GW models had 9 – 11 pieces, not 2-3 like those did.

Know No Fear is not easy build, it’s actually closer to the regular GW multipart models that I remember from many years ago. The “tutorial” of the first few models helped Ronin get to grips with these models faster. He was actually building his models faster than I was! I think he may have skipped a few mould lines but it should not be an issue the casting on these are fantastic.

A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 2
You would think that it’s a chore but building models can actually be fun, even more so with someone to have a chat with.

Power levels

Something interesting in these starter sets are power levels. Models form units and each unit has a power level. In First Strike there is a unit of 3 Space Marine Intercessors with a power level of 4. Know no Fear has a unit of 5 Intercessors but this unit has a power level of 6.

What this allows us to do is tailor our forces a bit. We can set a power level and then take units to fill up our selected power level. The 8 Marines would clock in at PL 10 or could be split into 2 units of 3 which would be PL4 each.

It’s an introduction to the basics of army building.

So what about my army?

I will admit with the painting I’m doing for DOOM I don’t really have time to paint up my 40K stuff. On top of that the specific green “Death Guard Green” is not available locally. I asked at a local store and it’s not even on their order list yet. That was my excuse for not painting.

A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 2
Still learning how to airbrush. Priming is the first step.

I drew inspiration while building my models. They have a WWI vibe going. It just feels like trench warfare with stick grenades and toxic gas. So I’m either going to use a bone or grey for the armour. I think the metal trim will look better with bone but I like the WWI feel of grey. In the meantime I’ll start with the pox walkers while I make up my mind.

Next steps

Now that we have a decent base of an army each I think the Dark Imperium box will help us to flesh out our forces. From there we can use the codices to round off our armies. On top of that we need to get cracking on the painting. September looks to be a very exciting month!

I will also need to play some Star Wars Destiny 😉

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