#StuffOnMyDesk 7/6/2016

#StuffOnMyDesk 7/6/2016

So this weekend I was amped to get stuck into my painting again. I was going to be home alone but then life happened…

Life was my daughter and the fact that the rest of the family did not go out. She was making a birthday card for a friend and wanted to print something. I was busy at the time so she took the laptop to my study to plug it into the printer and be ready for me. She accidentally knocked over my lamp, onto my cup of water which spilled, even a few models broke.

Life happens and she helped me to clean up.

On Monday she just sat with me for an hour chatting while I was slapping some paint on my models. She was very sweet.

Now we play Shadows together, along with my son, and the topic moved on to the zombies and the odd pose of the female ones with their hair on end. So I told her that we will need to use them as ghosts when we get to Cynder and I was struggling for a colour scheme.

She had the great idea to make them shades of grey. So dirty zombies / grey ghosts!

I thought that was fantastic! I’ve already started on their flesh, which I’ll keep but I’ll make their clothing grey.

So I’m almost done base coating the rank and file. Just a few touch ups then wash and drybrush them I’ll be ok with them, bar the bases.

I’m intentionally not trying to be perfect. I’ve had so many painting projects grind to a halt because 1 detail wasn’t right. I’ve got drawers full of these models some over 8 years old!

I’ll try to do finer details with the larger/Xl enemies an the heroes.

In other news my ADSL is down. *sigh* let’s hope I don’t have to do Fridays post over 3G.

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