Cleaning up my act

Clean up my act

Winter is hard because of the cold. It’s a wonderful time to play games. The Paruman house has been on a bit of a go slow as the kids are studying for mid-year exams. As a result, I’ve been playing a lot of Xbox, with headphones so as not to disturb them. I’ve had a few ideas about things to blog about, but it just seems easier to re-watch Star Trek, ahead of the new Pickard series due soon.

The past weekend Ronin wanted to play games during his breaks, and he started working on his models again. This has me inspired to do something that’s not involving the couch. So, to kill 2 birds with 1 stone let me lay out my plan to get back into action.

Step 1: Don’t be lazy

My study gets cold, very cold. The room was claimed from the garage and the previous home owner did not use any underflooring. There is no insulation in the celling and the room gets no direct sunlight. I don’t really want to be in there after 4pm in winter.
Which means I’ve been remiss in my treatment of my games. Unpacking and re-packing has suffered ☹

Clean up my act
Games on the floor, again. also int he dining room.
Clean up my act
I actually had to dust my paint racks. I’ll need to make more of them.

During Monday and Tuesday evening I fixed that 😊

Clean up my act
This is almost too neat, even for me.

Step 2: Go read some rules

Ronin and I played some Kill Team this weekend. He tried reading the rules during his study breaks but he skipped sections. So, we got a few things wrong and a few we just totally forgot, we still had fun though.

He wants to play Blood Bowl again too. It’s such an awesome game, not playing it is a shame. I will need to re-read both of those rule books. I am just not in the mood, Overwatch is just easier…. I guess I should file this under “don’t be lazy”. I will make a attempt soon.

Clean up my act
For the Emperor!! Glorious combat that ultimately ended in a draw.

For KT I’ll need to make player aids though. It’s got quite a few edge cases and constantly referencing the rule book is a tedious. I’ll also need some more ink for my printer, my hand writing is something to tremble at.

This weekend is super busy but the following weekend is a long weekend, I think I’ll get the rules read then and create a draft of the player aids at the same time.

Step 3: Painting

I tried painting last week, I wanted to finish up the Airships from Scythe. I’ve got the big box, an insert and I’ve painted everything else. It’s just those that I’ve let slide. I tried to base coast them with my air brush but the paint is not coming out.

Clean up my act
This thing really had me in the dumps for a while but I think I can fix it, and my mood.

The tip was left soaking overnight and everything was given a good cleaning. Still no joy. I think that somewhere along the line I put the wrong tip on the wrong needle. *sigh* These are very small components and if I mixed them up it’s going to be a bother to get them sorted out.

This I will leave for the end of the month. In the mean time I do have a number of primed models that I can get working on, even if they are not for Scythe. I just need some inspiration.

Step 4: Play some games

This one I can do!!!! It’s just tricky because my 12-14-year-old Xbox clan is starting to get into competitive Overwatch and I’m one of the healers, so I need to practise (yes, I’m a geek, I’d not be writing this if I wasn’t). I can do it though. I just need to set some small goals, and maybe play some of my smaller games that I’ve been ignoring of late.
Anyway, that’s where I’m at right now. Baby steps but it’s better than nothing.

EDIT: I realise that I was supposed to have posted this last week! apologies, things got away from me. on a positive note, I am still sticking to my plan.

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