I made my first custom insert! I also painted Lost Patrol

#StuffOnMyDesk 19/01/2017

So I’ve had this piece of foam core sitting in my study for almost a year. I bought it with the intention on making custom inserts for the games I have that really need them. I’m looking at you FFG. However most of the foam core ended up being used on school projects for the kids. It is very easy to work with and you can make some really cool stuff with it.

Then I got Food Chain Magnate. It cost me R 2,250. There are over 300 cards in the box and it has no insert at all….

… Which is a pity because so far it’s a really good game. With the knowledge that the components were most certainly going to be destroyed I decided that this needed to be rectified ASAP.

So how did I do it?

Now, I had already seen a few how to articles on working with foam core, so last Saturday I just jumped right in. My lack of experience and skill definitely shows in the final product but it does the job as intended.

I started with the base and made a box. Then I used the game pieces themselves to lay out how I wanted to stack everything. I also use the pieces to measure where to cut and where to glue. Not something for the faint of heart. Especially for a hard to find title like this one as you can easily damage a component.

#StuffOnMyDesk 19/01/2017
Starting in a corner works best but remember to plan before you make your first cut.

Making the insert wasn’t difficult. It was time consuming though. It took up most of a Saturday. Cutting and gluing things in place was no effort. Waiting for the glue to dry so I could test fit everything at each step was a bit of a pain.

#StuffOnMyDesk 19/01/2017
Almost done! The pins help to hold everything in place. Because it’s not 100% straight I left them in for added strength.

In the end it’s a little too snug on the sleeved cards. I don’t actually know how that happened because I used the sleeved cards to measure. It could be because my edges were not 100% straight and level. I need a T-square, on top of that the edges of the foam core sheet were not straight either. I might have also glued a few things on skew 😛

#StuffOnMyDesk 19/01/2017
There we go all safe and snug 🙂 I just need to sort out the cards and flip the tiles around before I develop OCD.

I’m happy though. It actually looks quite cool, if I do say so myself 😉

…and of course some painting…

Aside from my first insert, I’ve finished my first models for the year! Ok, they are not properly finished, there’s a few details that I’ve missed and some extra highlights would be nice but I’m happy with them as they are. Mostly because I need to slap some paint on a few other things. They are also the best looking things I’ve done since I picked up a brush again!

#StuffOnMyDesk 19/01/2017
I still need to varnish the scouts and then add grass to all of the bases…
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3 thoughts on “I made my first custom insert! I also painted Lost Patrol

  1. Nice work. GW made some mistakes when they re-issued Lost Patrol. Firstly they should have checked the original designer’s blog. He has rules for a sniper unit among other cool things. He also explains why using printed tokens for the lurkers, rather than models is a great idea. Based on his work I now have a 4 player version of the game which is very challenging, but winnable for both sides.

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