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Lumi Task Lamp Cover

I’ve changed countries and I did not bring a lot of stuff with me. When I say that, I mean that I did not pack a lot of things for shipping because I left in a hurry. So I’ve got no stuff on my desk :P. One of the most important things, when it comes to painting and working late at night, is lighting.

Something I did bring with me is Keratoconus. It’s an eye condition where the shape of the eye changes over time. Usually this happens in your teen years and then stops. For me it’s still happening so my eyesight is getting worse.

With this in mind I splurged a bit on the Lumi Task Lamp from Daylight Lamps for $305.

For the TL;DR version, click here.


  • 3,800 Lux (how bright it is)
  • 6,000 Kelvin (colour temperature)

You can check out this link for the rest.


The lamp itself is 1 piece LED unit with a 50,000 hour lifespan and 2 year warranty. The arm feels really sturdy and is easy to manipulate, however when you make slight adjustments it sometimes tends to move back a little bit which is annoying. It does not really matter though as the head of the lamp is so large that it throws a lot of light across a decent area.

It does require some assembly as the hinge is separate from the arm. It’s a simple clamp that you attach to your desk and then arm slots in.

Lumi Task Lamp Clamp
Installation took seconds. It should fit most desks, I’m currently using a dining table.

Why the Lumi Task Lamp?

One of the most important things to look at when buying a lamp for painting is the colour temperature. Lights can have different temperatures, a regular light in your celling would usually have a warm yellow colour while a fluorescent bulb that you find in schools or offices tend to have a cooler bluish tone to them.

What you are looking for, when painting, is to have a colour as close to daylight as possible. There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly, the temperature of the light impacts how colours look i.e the colours on a models change based on the lighting conditions.

Typically you will spend more time looking at your models in daylight rather than up close and under your painting/desk lamp. So you want to paint them using a light as close to daylight as possible that way you can better judge what the final product will look like.

Lumi Task Lamp Painting
The models on the left and right were in progress and I was colour matching the reds.

The second reason for getting a light closer to daylight is because of fatigue. Daylight is natural; your eyes are used to extended periods of time in it and will find it comfortable. A daylight lamp will allow for longer painting times.

Daylight is 5,000 – 6,500K the Lumi Task Lamp is right in the sweet spot at 6,000K.


The Lumi Task Lamp only has 1 button on it. Press it once and the lamp switches on and is on its brightest setting which is great for painting. Pressing it again will dim the light which makes for a nice reading light. A third press will switch the light off.

As I already mentioned earlier, sometimes, the light does not stay exactly where you put it but it’s not all the time. It appears to only happen on a particular hinge at a particular position, other than that it stays put. With 4 hinges it’s got a lot of articulation, more than I’ll ever need.

Lumi Task Lamp Photography
I forget the term, where you need a cloth in front of the light, but this worked very well on it’s own.


I’m half blind (I kid, my eyes are bad but not that bad), back in SA I used to use a magnifying lamp, 2 LED desk lamps and reading glasses. That was under a “cool” light that was not very bright. Now I’ve got a single lamp and I’ve painted with and without my glasses. I’m not actually using my regular glasses at all so (it is giving me headaches) when I say I’ve painted without glasses I had no glasses on.

Lumi Task Lamp Game
Playing a game with the lamp made reading small text much easier.

Reading is a treat too, under the dimmer setting so that there’s no glare from the game components, and on top of everything else I’ve used my Lumi Task Lamp to take some really good pictures.

At the price I paid I was very worried about buyer’s remorse. I previously had 3 good lamps for a third of the price but after using it for a few weeks; I regret not finding it sooner.

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