Stuff on My Desk 16/08/2016


So I’ve finally got off of my fat butt and started painting again. Ok, so it was just for about an hour or so and it’s really bad but it’s mine and I’m making progress.

Progress is important also constant practice. That’s the only way to get better. So far I’m happy with my stuff, it’s “table top quality”. That’s what people say to themselves when their stuff is just ok 😉

These Shadows of Brimstone models are not finished, not by a long shot. The heroes have only got 1 of their base colours on at the moment. I need to paint all of them in all of their colours and then start highlighting and shading. The sculpts are pretty bad though. The detail is kind of mushy but I figure if I make them a bit gritty then it’ll look acceptable for the setting.

I’ll keep the camera far from these, they look better that way 😉

The zombies I’m almost happy with. They are all painted a uniform colour scheme because they are supposed to double as spirits too. I did not want them to be white so went with the gray. Flying Frog must have been trying to save some costs, but at least its better than having to use tokens.

I just need to dirty them up a bit, a few brown dry brushes and they will be cool. Then highlights on the flesh and I’ll be done with them. I’m tempted to paint some blood splatters on them, I’ll see how they look after they have a coat of varnish on them.


I don’t know if I should keep up with the Shadows of Brimstone or painting something else next. Just to break the monotony. I do have a a lot of models to paint though. Lets get through these and see how I go.

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