#StuffOnmyDesk 05/04/2016

#StuffOnmyDesk 05/04/2016

My desk, much like my head at the moment, is full. There’s so many things that I’ve started and I still want to do I just don’t know what to do next! Let’s start from one side so you know what’s going on…

Ok, so I’m thoroughly enjoying Shadows of Brimstone (review will follow, I really need to take some pics) So, I’ve been playing a fair amount of that. The kids and I have a 3 character campaign running and I’ve got 2 solo campaigns started. There’s a 4 character game and a single character game.

I’ve also got more models to assemble. Now I don’t have to assemble them, I honestly have enough stuff ready for many hours of happy gaming. If I do get through these then I’ll just have that much more fun and it’ll double the variety in the game too.

I’ve started painting some of the models, but because I’m not done I’ve not varnished them. That means the paint is starting to chip because I’m playing with them*sigh* well I’m gaming with them the kids are playing with them J pew pew pew. I really should finish the painting, but I want to play and I want to build!!!

Then there’s the 1 player guild on BGG. They have some excellent challenges running. I do enjoy playing solo games. So I’m very keen to get in on those, it’s more of an excuse to play games than anything else really. However that place is evil. My wallet tries to choke me to death every time I log on. I just want to buy all the games.

However I need to slow down a bit. There’s a Star Wars Armada tournament this coming Sunday at Outerlimits in Melville. It starts at 11:00am with a 400 point list. I’ve not played since late last year. I’ve never seen a 400 point list nor have I seen any of the new ships in action, but I want to play. The question is, what should I play? I don’t have a lot of Armada kit but it’s a chance to get 3 games in, something I just cannot pass up!

#StuffOnmyDesk 05/04/2016
It’s been months since I opened the box. It’s about time I put her to use…

So now I’m tossing between making Armada lists, and reading the rules again, and the tournament rules. Maybe I should watch a few game videos to get an idea of what to except? Also I want to play more Shadows!!! Building!!! Painting!!!

I guess at some point I should actually write some game reviews and take pics so that I can keep this blog running too 😉 Ugh, this week is busy… the kids have assignments due which I need to help them with. On top of that I had forgotten that I signed up to run in the JP Morgan race this Thursday too. Catechism classes resume this weekend so I need to prep my lesson for this Sunday too.


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